How can I get access to the data?

By nybor-yam ·
Im a recent graduate that has taken on a volunteer position, hopeing to get some experience.

The Situation; Some years ago a database was developed (for a divison of the NZ Asthma Society). There is a basic front-end, developed in PHP. This allows the users to login, to search, edit or add to the records, and to run a few reports.
There is now a need for some different types of reports to be generated, and the data needs to be imported into the new National Database that has been developed in Access.
The Problem is no-one knows anything about the current database, who developed it, what it was developed in, (I have found a Postgres application in the programme files - so suspect this maybe it?) and Im not sure where it is located.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Im needing some direction as Im not where to start. My plan for next time I go in is to try and find any connection strings, I'll start with the source code...any suggestions....

Also, is it critical to find the original developer? Its not looking good!!

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Trial by fire

by santeewelding In reply to How can I get access to t ...

My heart goes out to you.

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Can you not

by seanferd In reply to How can I get access to t ...

simply import the database? Or just use Access as the front end?

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I was thinking exactly what you already suggested...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to How can I get access to t ...

Look in the PHP code & you should easliy be able to find the database name & table names needed.

Once you locate the database, you have a couple different options, but right off the bat, I'd make a copy & work with that.

1 -> See if you can open it...if so, just do a csv export...dbf is even better for Access 2007

2 -> if you can't open it...try renaming the extention to mdb & see if Access will open it (seen developers rename the extention many times)

3 -> if you have access to SQL server, MySQL, or Oracle....see if they will open it.

4 -> there are some free data mining programs out there that may be able to get at the data but it usually takes a lot of time finding & trying them.

Just a few thoughts....
Good luck!

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by webmaster In reply to How can I get access to t ...

Go talk to Catalyst (catalyst dot net dot nz) in Wellington. They have excellent php, PostGres and other db personnel that would probably sort this for you in a trice.
ps, I am not associated with Catalyst.

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