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how can i get faster access?

By lisahoughton69 ·
I don't know much about computers.I have just bought a second hand computer with windows 98 and it is taking a long time to load anything up.on my desktop and on the internet.Is there anything i can do to make this faster?

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how can i get faster access?

by Oz_Media In reply to how can i get faster acce ...

It's a little hard to offer you any specific details without knowing the existing system specs or expansion options, however, if everything seems slow it is usually an indication of low memory or a slower system processor. Internet speed is mainly reliant on the type of connection you have, whether high-speed (ADSL or Cable)or Dial-ip service.

A few good websites that explain how computers do what they do and how to evaluate and expand your system are Toms Hardware Guide at or PC Mag at or Basic Hardware at

If you can offer some more system specifics I can help further but it is really just a shot in the dark at this point.
Another idea is to ask a reliable friend or perhapse your IT manager at work if possible.

If you navigate to START>PROGRAMS>ACCESSORIES>SYSTEM TOOLS and click on System Information, the first 'General' information window will have information about your Processor type and RAM.You can post info back here for further ideas.

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how can i get faster access?

by TheChas In reply to how can i get faster acce ...

A lot depends on what hardware you have.

For Windows 98, I like to have at least a 350MHz CPU.
128MB to 384MB of RAM
a minimum of 500MB of free hard drive space.

Things to check:
Disable as many programs that place icons in the system tray as practical.
(Right end of the taskbar)
Each one of these uses system resources.

Run a spy-ware checker such as AdAware from
or Spybot Search and Destroy from

Boot into safe mode, and run scandisk and defrag.

Update system drivers.

Clear out the C:\Windows\Temp and Temporary Internet folders.

Use caution with Windows Update.
Do NOT install DirectX updates unless the driver for the video card supports the newer version of DirectX.

I also avoid IE6 for W98 systems.

As to internet connection speed:
If you are using dial-up and have less than a 500MHz CPU, switch to a hardware modem.
Controller-less (Win-Modems) use just too many system resources on slower CPUs.
An external serial modem WILL be a hardware modem.


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