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How can I get my 2 gig back?

By jerry_owen ·
I have an old P1 266MMX box with unknown mobo. I am willing to spend some time but no money on this as it is more an item of curiosity rather than necessity. I have Win ME installed on C: as my main OS (please don't laugh too hard). C: is only 1.5 gig. My data & most apps are on which is ~3gig. I have a 10 gig E: drive. My bios and/or mobo won't support more than 8.4 gig.
When I installed the 10 gig drive I partitioned it with fdisk to 8.4 deciding to "waste" the rest. Recently I was playing with Partition Magic and discovered that I could use the "wasted" space. I gained a ~1.6 gig H: drive.
I installed Win XP Pro on H:, giving me a dual boot machine (no SP1 or SP2). This worked great. I then decided to comvert C: from FAT16 to FAT32. This gave me several hundred extra MB, but I could no longer boot to Win ME. I could still access everything from XP. I then converted C: back to FAT16, but still could not boot Win ME. I used my WinME rescue floppy. Now I could boot ME but could not boot or access XP. I used Partition Magic and it saw my XP partition as unallocated (H: was gone) and would not allocate or repartition the space. I figured to start from scratch, so I used Partition Magic to remove the unallocated partion, intending to repartition to where I began. Now that 1.6 gig is nowhere to be seen by any means I have. I can make additional partitions but they come from the 8.4 gig space. This is not what I want. Does anyone know how I can regain this space?
(If not expensive, I would be willing to purchase additional utility software.)

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by willcomp In reply to How can I get my 2 gig ba ...

Personally, I would just remove all partitions, re-partition hard disk and start from scratch. Sounds like a tinker around system anyway and shouldn't hurt to start fresh.


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by willcomp In reply to

Use drive manufacturer's partition and format utility to overcome 8.4 GB limitation in BIOS.

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by dmiles In reply to How can I get my 2 gig ba ...

Using a Winsows Me startup disk,boot w/disk in floppy drive
Select the option to run setup without cd rom support

Once the command prompt comes up type FDisk
select the option to hard drive info

Now you should be able to see all partitions,if you accidently used NTFS then you will not be able to see the hidden partitions
Partition magic should also show the partitions.

To gain the unallocated space you can check the net for the bios flash update

Download SiSoft Sandra utility it will give you all the system info

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by prolak In reply to How can I get my 2 gig ba ...

I've seen something that sounds fimiliar to this issue. It ended up being a drive letter issue.
Two devices were trying to 'default' to the same letter. Not familiar with ME, but XP allows u to right click on 'My Computer'and select 'Manage'.
Maybe ME has something similar. Anyways, maybe this will be a lead to resolving u're problem. Good Luck, thanx

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How can I get my 2 gig ba ...

Well the easy answer is to save any important data on the E Drive and then wipe it reformat it to the 8.4 GIG and then do as you did previously with Partition Magic.

If that doesn't work most likely something has been altered in the ME Registry so it would be a complete reinstall coming along. That will cure the problem but it will be time consuming.

Lats know how you get on.


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by jerry_owen In reply to How can I get my 2 gig ba ...

Thanks to those offering advice. I would rather not start from scratch as this problem is not that important. It is something I am trying to learn.
Partition Magic 8 shows nothing beyond 8.4 gig.
Sea Tools shows the partition but cannot do anything with it as it is not a Seagate drive and is NTFS.
AVG virus scan detects it and tries to scan it, but cannot as it is running under ME and therefore cannot do anything with NTFS, but at least it is detecting its existance. I don't know why Partition Magic doesn't show anything. It used to properly show the partition as NTFS, then as unallocated with no drive letter, now nothing.
I am not opposed to flashing my BIOS if I can cheaply. I have found a source that wants $40 for the data. I probably couldn't sell my system for that much.

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by jerry_owen In reply to How can I get my 2 gig ba ...

Thanks to all who offered a solution. Some of them may work, but I did not want to reformat/reinstall/start over and most answers suggested that. I found a solution myself. While in WinMe I used my WinXPPro CD in a drive that is not set to autorun, and used the Recovery Console to repartition and regain my "lost" 2 gig. This was entirely an experiment as I had no idea this would work. Everything works fine as before with 2 exceptions, which cause no problems. My 2 gig partition now has a different drive letter than it did the first time, and Partition Magic sees and correctly identifies that it is a NTFS partition, but reports several geometry errors. As everything else works OK I just ignore these 2 differences.

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