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    How can I get pop3 working on exchange server 2010?


    by rlynch2 ·


    I have setup an exchange server running 2010 on my test domain. I have the server running just fine, domain dns pointed to server, etc… Everything works great inside the network, and I can even access owa outside the network as well. I have to click on past the certificate warning, but still able to access just fine. Send/recieve is working just fine also. I am even able to access my email using outlook from outside the company, using the exchange setup within outlook. My only problem is coming when I try and access pop3 from outside the network. I am able to turn pop3 on within the exchange server for my email address, but there is a certificate issue when trying to access my email account from outside the network using pop3 setup. I am able to setup pop using outlook from within network, but not oustside. Is there another step that I missed along the way in order to get this to work? I have some employees who only have the pop option on their phone, so Im going to need to figure out how to get it working before putting into live environment. Thanks in advance for any help….

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