How can I get the deleted files back?

By rfortes681 ·
A files was deleted accidentally from my folders by a guest. I'am using windows XP sp3. It was not in the recycle bin. Thank you very much.

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First: Stop using the computer.

by seanferd In reply to How can I get the deleted ...

The more you use it, the more likely that the data you seek will be overwritten. Best just turn it off, and remove the drive if the data is important.

Install the drive as a slave in another computer, and use some recovery software to look for the files. A free example is

You can also search your drive to make sure the folder wasn't simply moved.

There are other free and paid recovery apps out there, ranging from cheap to very expensive. There are also data-recovery experts and companies which get extremely expensive.

But at least the drive isn't failing, you've just lost data from a normal delete operation.

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Do you have 'Secure-Delete' software installed ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How can I get the deleted ...

If you do and it was used when the file was "accidentally deleted" you can kiss the file goodbye. Secure-Delete software not only deletes the file directly without putting it in the Recycle Bin, it also overwrites the area that the file occupied on the HDD.

By the same token, you should check that your Recycle Bin is active - it CAN be turned off, in which ALL deleted files are instantly deleted - not sent to the Recycle Bin.

If you want to attempt to reclaim it, Google for File Recovery software: I found 38,800,000 results. You'll find free programs there that can be downloaded.

In the meantime DO NOT save any further files to that folder area, as the save-routine might just place the new file in the same place as the deleted one, thereby overwriting it and destroying any possibility of ever finding it again.

If you download any Recovery Software, it might be better to download it directly to a Thumb Drive, then Run it from there, to avoid any chance of destroying the missing file.

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You can google

by TommyDeca In reply to How can I get the deleted ...

for File Recovery and choose among a long list of programs.

Personally, I have a good experience with Recuva.

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If it isn't in the recyle bin

by tintoman In reply to How can I get the deleted ...

Was it EVER in there? has it really been deleted or perhaps dragged and dropped into another folder by mistake?
If you haven't already done so I would strongly recommend that you search for the file or folder by name (assuming you have some idea of the name of it)
If you are sure that it has been deleted then I can recommend PC Tools File Recover to get it back. As others have said it would be better to attach the drive to another computer to do this. This programme is not free but is relatively inexpensive.

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Was it really deleted?

by stvroy22 In reply to How can I get the deleted ...

Need a little more info here. Did your guest delete it from the recycle bin? Or did it bypass the recycle bin? Are you sure it was deleted and not just moved?

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Was the Guest

by Jacky Howe In reply to How can I get the deleted ...

using your account or was the Guest account being used. If it was the Guest account that was being used, logon as that user and check the recycle bin.

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