How can I get Windows 7 to see a Server 2008 File Server?

By Yehonadav ·
I have a second computer that I have set up as a File Server. However I'm not going to domain it, I want it only as a workgroup machine. Now I realize that to access it there has to be an account on the File Server for me to login to, however whenever I look for it on the network in my other Windows 7 machine, I can't see it. Both machines are on the same private IP subnet and network discovery is turned on. I also have it to where it doesn't use a homegroup. I've tried everything I can think of but still can't get the Windows 7 machine to see the Server, even though the Server CAN see the Windows 7 machine. Help would be much appreciated.

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Windows 7 vs Server 2008 communication failure...

...has to do with encrypted/unencrypted traffic. The server is set to only communicate with clients in a domain securely. The security negotiation on a WinSe7en client is too low for the server until it (client) joins the domain.


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Windows 7 / Server 2008 issue...

by Yehonadav In reply to Windows 7 vs Server 2008 ...

I checked the IP security on both the Server 2008 and Windows 7 machines and none of them have any of that security configured. What do I need to do remedy this situation? Like I said before I don't have any domain set up, I just want to use the File Server in conjunction with Windows 7 in a Workgroup setting. Thanks!

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same as you would network XP and W2003 server

by CG IT In reply to Windows 7 / Server 2008 i ...

nothing really has changed that much for networking on W2008 & Windows 7 except that the Network and Sharing Center automatically sets up the firewall based upon the type of network connection.

Note: to access files, not matter what computer their on, you have to share them for them to be seen.

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You weren't very clear...

...about the domain part ('I have a second computer that I have set up as a File Server. However I'm not going to domain it...'), but nonetheless, I have to go with CG IT on this and concur. File sharing is file sharing, no matter where you are.

Deduct 2 cents.

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Could care less about thumbs

by CG IT In reply to You weren't very clear...

As for the Holy Grail of IT Superknowledge...

the quality of the questions asked is in direct proportion to ...humm what's a good word to use.....ah.."relevency"

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File sharing

by Yehonadav In reply to You weren't very clear...

I have three hard drives on the File Server of which I have two being shared (not the drive with the system partition). So that shouldn't be an issue.

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sharing drives shouldn't be an issue for what?

by CG IT In reply to File sharing

file sharing is file sharing and providing a computer access to shared network resources isn't any different for W2008 server and Windows 7 in a workgroup as it is for W2003 server and Windows XP in a workgroup or Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 server in a workgroup or even just 2 Windows computers in a workgroup.

If you don't know how to provide shared network resources in a workgroup, microsoft technet has many articles on this. Go visit Microsoft Technet.

That's one of those things about TechRepublic Q&A, telling you the poster where to find the information. Then it's up to you.

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