How can I get Xerox Toner Cartridges to work in my Lexmark?

By jpesadilla ·
I have 2 colour laser printers on the premises, one Lexmark x560n and one Xerox Phaser 6180.

The internal workings of both machines are identical and the toner cartridges are also identical, however....

There is an electronic key on the cartridges. I have tested and found that if I swap the keys I can get the printer(s) to recognize the cartridges as either Lexmark or Xerox.

Unfrotunately, the printer thinks that the new Xerox cartridge with the dead lexmark key is empty.

Is there a way for me to reset the printers memory so that it will accept the Xerox cartridge so I can get the Lexmark printer up and running again?

FYI - Xerox cartridges cost only $127 Cdn
Lexmark Cartridges cost $270 Cdn.

If I can spoof the printer then I can purchase the Xerox cartridges and save lots of money.

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And, You Could Go To Jail

by TheChas In reply to How can I get Xerox Toner ...

Yes, you could save money, and as a result, Xerox and Lexmark could both take legal action against you and your company.

While I am sure that if you search long enough you will find some hacks for the printer cartridge keys, you need to ask yourself if the savings are worth the risk?

Not sure what the laws on this are in Canada, but here in the States, the printer manufactures have built some pretty good case law in relation to swapping and reprogramming printer cartridges.

Just a crazy idea. What would the payback be to replace the Lexmark with another Xerox?

10 cartridges would be around $1430 in savings.

If possible, you might even be able to donate the Lexmark to charity and get some additional benefit.


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