How can I graphically monitor web access from a soho network

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I've got a network comprising 4 wired computers, 3 wireless computers and a number of mobile wireless devices. Each of these devices has a fixed ip address within the network. What I want to be able to do, is to produce a graphical representation of each devices broadband access over the last minutes/hours, and be able to drill down to each device's list of websites being accessed.

Any suggestions on what software can do this? And what hardware configuration I need to have?

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Expensive products

by JPElectron In reply to How can I graphically mon ...

There are expensive products like Manage Engine Firewall log analyzer which will get updates from the firewall/router via a standard called SNMP and display pretty graphs in near real-time. This is the only way to monitor all devices simply by their IP address, without having to install or modify each device.

Other firewalls may support the syslog standard, which is basically text output you could then turn into graph data.

You can also do this yourself using a few different products...
- Use PRTG to monitor each computer's NIC, this gives you the bandwidth each computer is consuming, plus you could configure it to monitor the firewall's WAN port via SNMP which gives you the total bandwidth consumed. PRTG makes pretty line graphs at monitoring intervals you specify.
- Wireshark running on an internal DNS server would be able to show you all the sites being visited in near real-time, just filter the capture output by "dns" Another option may be to run DNS Redirector with logging turned on, this will log all DNS lookups as they happen to a .txt file. You would then have to make graphs out of the text data.

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Not certain how URL logging would

by Charles Bundy In reply to How can I graphically mon ...

translate to graphical reports, but a proxy cache engine like Squid would do what you've asked including control of said web access from devices. It's open source, read all about it at

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by robo_dev In reply to How can I graphically mon ...

there is a free 3-user license, have to fork out a few $$ for more licenses.

I used a similar product called AllegroSurf, but sadly that was discontinued.

"With WinGate Proxy Server's user database and policies, administrators can limit and control user access to the Internet. With logging, auditing, and a real time activity and history viewer, detailed records of user activities can be easily examined. This makes WinGate Proxy Server ideal for companies, schools, Internet cafes or any environment where Internet access needs to be monitored closely."

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