How Can I improve My Wireless to connection for Linksys wrt54gl and Palm?

By IT.vgomez ·
In our company we use a Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G router 2.4GHz.

The router provide a wireless medium between 3 Janam Palm XP30 and our main POS unit (Server). The wireless router is configure for MAC filter and has a Secure encription key. The distance between the router and the devices at any giving time does not past 40' feet. It's an outdoor enviroment. The problem am having is that the device keep losing connection to the AP and once restarted, I have a difficult time making them reconnect. Eventually they connect but this should not be happening... I will appreciate any advice. Thanks

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Have you tried changing channels?

by seanferd In reply to How Can I improve My Wire ...

Or repositioning the router? Or raising the power on the transmitter?

You could be getting RF interference from any variety of sources, or multipath interference between the router and devices themselves.

You may be able to increase reception also by adding a second access point, or by making a reflector for the antenna (fold a pice of cardboard in half and place "behind" the antenna, or make a "cantenna").

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Thanks I should of put does thing on the dicusion.

by IT.vgomez In reply to Have you tried changing c ...

Thanks you very much. I have changed channels and i actually added 2 more access point and a signal booster. the 2 other AP are EnGenius ECB3500 and an EnGenius power Booster. Also i have played around with the transmitting power. We even upgraded the Radio in the Palms. This issues really got me thinking...Thanks you have re-asured me that the steps taken so far are the right ones.

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by Churdoo In reply to How Can I improve My Wire ...

Are you using dd-wrt or the OEM firmware?

The dd-wrt firmware ( works real well on the WRT54GL and has a good feature set. May want to give it a try.

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Yes you are definitely right.

by IT.vgomez In reply to DD-WRT on WRT54GL

Currently that is the firmware we have installed on all our AP. It did help for a few weeks and then the problem started again. It's is very frustrating when you are doing what you should work and the problem persist. Thanks you have re-asured me that the steps taken so far are the right ones.

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