How can I intercept a call for a network access within WindowsXP?

By eastman65 ·
I would've liked to intercept a call for network access at some common for all network protocols point within WindowsXP. Does such a point exist? Where is it located? How can I use it?

I need to intercept the very first call for establishing a connection over a net. As far as I understand every network protocol resides over TCP/IP. So there must be an common entry point used by every network protocol to establish a connection, be it HTTP or FTP or mail or anything else. Am I right?

Please ADVISE me...

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What do you mean?

by ---TK--- In reply to How can I intercept a cal ...

Intercept a call, do you mean you want to log all the traffic going through the network? If so contact your network admin, he/she should know how to do that.

or are you talking about VOIP? again contact your network admin.

"As far as I understand every network protocol resides over TCP/IP"

Not so true, there is apple talk, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, ect... but mostly it is TCP/IP.

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I mean establishing a connection between a PC and some inet server

by eastman65 In reply to What do you mean?

I am sorry for not being precise. I mean such network protocols as POP, HTTP, FTP. Essentially I am not sure whether any of these are in use when either a mail agent or a browser tries to establish a network connection with a corressponding site server. So I would've liked to intercept the very moment of establishing of such connection. And no matter what are my further intentions.

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by djlactose In reply to I mean establishing a con ...

Your intentions are very important to which way you do it. If you are looking to block the traffic you don't need to wait till the connection is established you can just put in a block. If you are looking to filter the traffic then you would need to setup a filter (such as Untangle) and run all internet traffic through it. If you are looking to do stuff such as a man in the middle attack (which is what it sounds like) then your on your own...

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