how can I know exactly who is sending me the e-mail

By shrdh57 ·
I am continuously receiving e-mails by an unknown person.I am totally disturbed. whats the way out to find his location or identity

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There has to be a senders email address.

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Your best bet, if the domain (the bit after the @ symbol) is reputable, is to write to and complain. This won't necessarily get you an identity, but it should make it stop. You could also contact your ISP by phone or use your ISP's abuse@ mail address.

E.g., if you were getting these mails from, you would write to and report the sender.

Or, you can file a police report, which is a very good idea if these emails are threatening at all.

Basically, no one is going to reveal the identity behind the email address without a court order. But you can do things like search that email address on the internet, or get an account with a deep-web search company to see if you can find out anything more (, for example). If the info is publicly available, these are the ways to find it.

You can try to find the general area and ISP of the sender (if the email domain isn't an obvious ISP domain).

In your email client (we'd need to know which specific client you have in order to give very specific instructions) select one of the offending emails. That separate bit at the top with the Subject and other information is the Header. Expand it to see more info. You may need to go to a View menu option or similar and look for the way to Show all of the Header. You'll see a bunch of cryptic stuff in the header then. But you should now see a line: X-Originating-IP. That is the public IP address of the sender. You can look this up with an IP geolocation service (they aren't always super-accurate)

Make sure you keep these emails for evidence.

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Try this out for your email scams.. It might work for you.

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