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How can I know the BUS of my RAM?

By dkarmakar2003 ·
I got a PC. In that 64MB of RAM is installed. But I don't know the BUS of that RAM. How can I know? Here I should mention that there is no lebels on it(RAM). The manufacturer company of that RAM is HYUNDAI. And made in Korea. Is there anybody who can help to get the RAM BUSSSSSSS?

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by wcp In reply to How can I know the BUS of ...

Download Aida32 utility program. The official website had been closed but you can download it by googling with keyword Aida32.

This is one of the best utility programs I have known. Once installed and run, open SPD under Motherboard. You get all information regarding to your RAM.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to How can I know the BUS of ...

SiSoft Sandra 2004 from
does some good overall system info and benchmarks.

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by TheChas In reply to How can I know the BUS of ...

I recommend that you attempt to identify your motherboard.

If you can download the manual for the motherboard or system, you can determine what type of RAM is required, and more importantly, the limits of maximum RAM that can be installed.

Your CPU can provide clues as to what speed RAM you need.

Pentium 1 / MMX PC 66 SDRAM, or EDO RAM
Pentium II CPU, PC 100 SDRAM
AMD K6 series CPUs, PC 100 SDRAM
Celeron CPU slower than 800MHz, PC 66 SDRAM, or RDRAM.

At 65 MB of RAM, I suspect that you have an older PC.
If it does use SDRAM DIMMs, you may be limited to older style single density SDRAM.
Many older motherboards cannot address the newest quad density DIMMs.

Even if you have a system that uses PC 66 SDRAM, you can use "compatible" PC 133 SDRAM. The faster RAM will function fine at the slower clock speed.

Another way to check you existing RAM is to go to Hyundai semiconductor's web page and download the data sheet for the chips on your RAM.
While most of the specifications will be "greek" to a non-engineer, there should be details of the clock speed in the data sheet.


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by s?mand In reply to How can I know the BUS of ...

you could try this magnificient freeware program called EVEREST Home edition:

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