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Whenever i connect my modem, even without opening any applications or browser, i notice the download on the modem interface reading. i have stopped windows automatic updates,antivirus, and every other application that i know might be updating(i am using an acer laptop with vista).
i try to view things through my task manager. i simply want to know how to find the program that is secretely downloading stuff without my knowledge. most times i dont enjoy what i pay for since within a few minutes whatever thing that is downloadin would have exhausted all the available MB.
Whatever application that is doing this is creating me with unnecessary loss.
Please i need someone to help me out. thanks a lot

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SysInternals suite

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to HOW CAN I KNOW THE LIST O ...

Process Monitor is your best best, you might have a bit of learning to do.

Other oftion us to install a decent software firewall, (e.g. Zonealarm or somesuch). Default is it asks you if X can access, find out what it is at that point.

Last but always there, nuke and pave, ie back up data, and format the thing and reinstall the OS, then the software firewall. Brwoser with add ons such as Privacy guard and NoScript would be a good move as well.
And turn your anti-virus back on ffs...

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also TCPView . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to HOW CAN I KNOW THE LIST O ...

will show you what connections are opened by what program

TCPView displays
Process : PID : Protocol : Local Address : Local Port : Remote Address : Remote Port : ...

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10x guys

by flame06 In reply to HOW CAN I KNOW THE LIST O ...

10x alot, i just downloaded them and i'm trying to acquint myself, esp wit SysInternals suite. i really like the interface,so easy to understand. i'm most grateful

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