How can i link 2 formatted tables to sort together in excel 07?

By jserra87 ·
I am designing a spread sheet to track and compile data for a test. In one tab you input sample IDs and corresponding info into table 1. In another tab, a second table pulls out only the relevant data from table 1 and combines it with data typed directly into table 2.

The cells in table 2 are linked to specific cells in table 1. When I sort the data in table 1 it messes up the output of table 2. Since the info in table 1 cell C4 has now changed, table 2 is no longer referencing the correct data.

Is there a way to link tables in different tabs so that if I sort table 1, table 2 will auto sort to maintain the same order?

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try using vlookup

by jdclyde In reply to How can i link 2 formatte ...

to pull out the data you want. this makes it flexible for searching for data.

if you could give a better example of what you are doing it would be easier to give an answer. what are you sorting on, what are you looking for, and how would pulling new data to the top or bottom do anything except change what data is pulled out (based on referencing a specific cell on the other tab)

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by jserra87 In reply to How can i link 2 formatte ...

It took a bit of fumbling and a lot of confusion but it turns out vlookup is just what I needed! Thank you!

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by jdclyde In reply to Success

Glad I could help. how about marking my post with the "+" to show it helped? I guess this is the new system for keeping track of people that are the most helpful instead of the old "Thumbs up" or even before that, the dreaded "tech points" :)

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