How can I make a PC boot directly into Windows 7?

By dcruzwells ·
Someone asked me if there is a way to have a system bypass from the BIOS POST to the Windows 7 desktop.

Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.


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Come out of Hibernation ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How can I make a PC boot ...

That would be the quickest way.

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Control of the PC

by tintoman In reply to How can I make a PC boot ...

does not pass to the operating system until the power - on - self - test procedure is complete, it cannot be bypassed

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by ---TK--- In reply to How can I make a PC boot ...

When your system goes into standby, it keeps the motherboard and other devices powered on. When you wake up your PC, it will then go right into the OS... Skipping POST, b/c it already did POST when you powered on, and it never really powered down in the first place...

There is no way for a PC to bypass POST (Power On Self Test) from a cold boot, plus I dont think you would really want to... thats where your PC makes sure everything is going to play nice toghether...

On top of that, if its POSTing slow, there might be hardware issues present. It should really only take 5-10 seconds to get past POST and get to the loading Win7 screen. Or the boot order has the HDD in the last spot to boot to... Depending on how old the motherboard is, it might try to boot to USB, floppy, CD, then HDD... Which would make it appear to be slow. Change it boot to HDD first and then it will appear to boot faster. Also make sure Memory count is set to skip each boot, if it has to count through 4 gigs of RAM every time... that would make it appear to be slow also.

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Easy answer here is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can I make a PC boot ...

Don't turn off the system.

But if it is turned off to save power it has to do the POST as that is exactly what it is a Power On Self Test. So no POST no possibility of Booting.

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