How can I make an undeletable account on Windows 7?

By grimgrin ·
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how I can make:
a) an admin account with an unremovable password (by way of another admin account), or
b) an account which cannot be deleted by any other user in the admin group, and which is NOT the default Aministrator account built in to Windows.

Actually my girlfriend's cousins keep coming over and browsing her private pics, and while I've tried to do whatever I can to make standard accounts or Guest accounts with minor privileges, she ends up having to give them one of the admin accounts or they yell the place down. Once there, the brats knock out her password and log in there to snoop around. They even deleted her account once for a prank. Worst part is, at the moment she's overseas. The only support I'm able to give is via Teamviewer. I'm a fairly proficient geek, and I just want to know if such a thing is possible, without resorting to encryption as she is prone to forgetting overly complicated passwords. I'd also like to know for my own knowledge too, cuz I've been wondering if accounts like these are possible ever since I discovered this method of deleting passwords of other accounts from any admin account since the time of XP.

Thanks in advance

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The brats are full of it.

by seanferd In reply to How can I make an undelet ...

Don't give them admin privileges.

Or, create an account with slightly elevated privileges to satisfy whatever you think they need, but without full admin privileges. A standard Power User account will probably be too much, but still they cannot access the girlfriend's account.

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