How can I manage the FACTORY_IMAGE?

By tgrfn2 ·
I have a HP Media Center OS is Win 7. C: drive is 443GB, it has about 243 GB available.The factory Image partition 11.9GB is nearly full. I do not know how it got this full. I did not notice changes until I started getting pop-up warnings 'drive D nearly full. I got tired of seeing the warning so I disabled the warning.
How can I change the size of the recovery partition (Factory_Image). I used disk manager and found I was not allowed to make any changes. I would like to either delete some junk that managed to get placed in it or enlarge the size.

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that partition should be hidden

by markp24 In reply to How can I manage the FACT ...


When you in Windows 7 that partition should be hidden from view

use a partition manager type software and set the factory image partition to hidden.

it may have filled up because windows 7 may be storing some swap file on there or temporary files (from windows updates, etc)

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