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    How can I mask my IP address when people access my website


    by alcaloid90 ·

    Hi all and anyone who can answer.

    So I’m hosting my own website in a Windows 2003 Server and I can access it with my domain name that I bought with no problem, but in my website when I click on the links to go to a different page of my website, the IP address shows up, and so on for my other pages. I called my domain name supplier and they told me that it wasn’t a setting they had control of, it was something I would have to set in my server. I want it to show my different pages like this, and etc…

    Please let me know some guidance or help on how I can go about this. Thank you very much


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      by alcaloid90 ·

      In reply to How can I mask my IP address when people access my website


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      Not much of a good idea.

      by takuya_101 ·

      In reply to How can I mask my IP address when people access my website

      Can I ask if you can please post a link to your site?

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        Do not think it’s safe

        by alcaloid90 ·

        In reply to Not much of a good idea.

        Hi, Thanks for your response.

        I’d like to post my website link and I thought about it, but I don’t think it would be safe for me since I have this problem with my IP showing up right there for you. Is there any other thoughts you have besides seeing the actual website.


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          After having a look.

          by takuya_101 ·

          In reply to Do not think it’s safe

          If you want to hid yourself the best thing to do is use a free webhost, is one(Don’t use your home internet to sign up or upload any files). The question I must ask is why would you want to hide your IP Address if you want to run a webserver?

          BTW, someone can also learn your server name. & May have been an idea to try a free doman name which is what I’m doing at this time.

          I should also ask, are you useing a firewall? if your not then you will be pritty open to the world.

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      by thehumi ·

      In reply to How can I mask my IP address when people access my website

      To start with, we’ll need to know what Web Server software your running.

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        Web Server

        by alcaloid90 ·

        In reply to Details

        HI. I’m currently using Windows Server 2003, and the Web Service and IIS from the operating system, which like I said, works fine except for showing the IP after clicking to the different pages. I don’t have any special set ups in the web server, just regular .html pages. I have version 2.0 installed. I’m not using Apache or any independent web services application if that’s what you are referring to. Let me know if you need any other specific details.


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      Other than

      by cmiller5400 ·

      In reply to How can I mask my IP address when people access my website

      Other than for the URL looking good, anyone can get your IP address by doing a DNS lookup or a nslookup.

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        IP address

        by jadams ·

        In reply to Other than

        Yes, your IP address is public knoledge anyway. if you want proof go to any computer and open a command prompt. Then type ping or and you will get a return with the IP address.

        One can also get it from a whois lookup. For instance: go to and lookup your website, or anyother site and you can see a great deal of information.

        You cannot hid your IP address and still be on the internet. But that doesn’t mean that you need to worry about it.

        Now, as for why your page(s) are DISPLAYING your address, we need a bit more info. It would be helpfull to see your pages or at least the html code from them.

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          by alcaloid90 ·

          In reply to IP address

          Alright, I’m going to trust you guys to help me, not break my server. Address is, let me know what you think

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          Well, your IP is sitting in a little box at the bottom of my browser …

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to Website

          So, I don’t even have to go and look it up.

          Now apart from hiding your IP (which we all have now settled is a pointless practice) what is your main problem with your site?

          Oh, and by the way [u]PIXS[/u] is not a valid word (not even in a site page) since PIX is the plural of PIC. 😉

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          Here is the problem……

          by thumbsup2 ·

          In reply to Website

          In your index FRAME file, you’re pointing to frame src=”″. Consequently, all relative links will begin with that. Change that to your common domain name and you should be good to go. You might also want to check your navigation frame code to make sure it’s all coded correctly too.

          Hope that helps.

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          I don’t host my own domain name

          by alcaloid90 ·

          In reply to Here is the problem……

          I do thank you for your responses, but the FRAMSET that you are referring to, I don’t have access to that because another company is the owner of the domain name, I’m not, so I don’t see any way in my code to change that. Any other ideas?

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          It might be tedious…

          by himdownstairs ·

          In reply to I don’t host my own domain name

          You could load your files to a free web server (i.e. freewebs, geocities, bravehost, etc.) that will allow you to link to files without having a webpage. That will at least bypass the files showing your IP.

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          Yes, Tedious

          by alcaloid90 ·

          In reply to It might be tedious…

          Hi, yes I understand that idea, and that’s what I used to have. The point is that I’m tyring to host my website myself without paying or having some weird name before my web address. I want to know how those host companies do it, and how come I cannot with a simple setting? I’m thinking it’s something really small and dumb, but I have no idea what it is.


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          Ok, here’s the deal…..

          by thumbsup2 ·

          In reply to I don’t host my own domain name

          Nobody hosts their own domain NAME. You host the files that create the site and the DNS name server points the domain name (alias) to where ever those files are stored (your IP). When you register a domain name and indicate where the web site is hosted, the registrar creates pointers to that IP address, then notifies all other DNS name servers around the world as to where to look for the files. That process is called propagation.

          What you’ve done is to use a proxy service ( to register your domain name instead of a real registrar like Network Solutions or one of many others. All your proxy service has done for you is to register the domain name for themselves (it points to them), then create a frameset on their server rerouting the contents of the inner frame to your computer. Many browsers see that reroute and will flag your site as a phishing site or simply block access to it. And, it’s the use of that frameset file they’re using that is revealing your IP address. So, if you can’t get THEM to change the frameset, there’s nothing you can do to mask your IP. At least, not the way things stand now.

          What you SHOULD do is to move the domain name registration, if indeed you own the name, to a reputable domain name registrar and cancel the service with If you don’t really own that name, go register a new one and do it up the right way.

          Personnaly, I use Network Solutions for a registrar and host my files … ummm … elsewhere. The host I use provides the DNS name server and knows where MY files are stored on their server. Then, they do the automatic rerouting of all web queries to my folder. That DNS name server is what you do not have because you’re not a registered DNS name server. And, it’s very expensive to set one up. So, if you used Network Solutions as the registrar and have them provide the DNS name server when you register, they’ll take care of notifying all the other DNS name servers around the world so they all know where to look for the files (your web site).

          And, by the way, you don’t HAVE to host your own web site just to keep your domain name down to what you want it to be. In other words, you don’t HAVE to have a domain name that looks like Everyone’s web site is really that way anyway. Well, actually, they’re a bunch of IP numbers which translate to which is really your top level folder on the server, but that’s another matter. Anyway, it’s the domain name registration and DNS name servers used that take care of pointing everyone to the correct place when they type in The rest is all transparent to the “viewer”.

          And, one last thing. Have you typed your IP into a web browser from outside of your house and seen what happens? Try it. Then, view the page source code. You’ll notice it’s the files that YOU have control over and not the frameset provided by that silly proxy server you’re using. In other words, I can connect directly to YOUR computer from here and all I had to do was view the page source to see your IP. This isn’t a very safe way to operate. Whatever you paid that proxy service was WAY too much.

          And, I see you’re using Frontpage to do your coding. Anyone with a clue about how Frontpage creates web sites can access your hidden files and folders without a password. You’re wide open. I just did it, but I won’t tell you how. I also tried FTPing into you and your sever responded. Had I wanted to take the time to break your password, I would have been in to your computer with the ability to change anything I had wanted to change. Guessing your folder name was easy.

          So, are you SURE you want to host your own web site? Do you really want to take that chance? There are hosting companies that charge very little to host things for you and you don’t end up with a flakey domain name like ALL of the good hosts have the DNS name servers. So, all you have to do is pay a good hosting company to host your web site, then pay a reputable domain name registrar to point the entire world to that host who will server up your web page. The hosting company I use charges $60 (US) a year, less per site when you host multiple sites with them. That’s a whopping $5 per month or less for a host. Additional expenses are the domain name registrar, like Network Solutions, but there are other reputable top level registrars. If you register the domain name for 5 years, I think the price is about $20 per year. That’s a whopping $80 a year to have the security and MANY other services, such as databases and programming language support that you don’t have now.

          Better rethink this whole, “host my own site” thing. It’s not worth the hassle.

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          by alcaloid90 ·

          In reply to Ok, here’s the deal…..

          Thank you for the many tips, and help and half threats…thanks

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          re: Thanks…..

          by thumbsup2 ·

          In reply to Ok, here’s the deal…..

          There’s no threats in my post. Just the facts of life on the Internet. You REALLY need to educate yourself on this stuff before you even THINK of attempting to host your own web site. It’s not for the faint of heart or a slim pocketbook. It’s dangerous, if you value your private, personally identifiable information that’s probably stored on there somewhere. :0

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        That and the…..

        by —tk— ·

        In reply to Other than

        Whois database….

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      Reply to mask ip

      by mkcitizen ·

      In reply to How can I mask my IP address when people access my website

      When you connect to the cable network, your PC/Mac is automatically issued with a unique IP address by means of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). The public IP address allocated by DHCP for the cable connection is called the WAN address to distinguish it from any private LAN addresses you might be using if you have a home LAN. If your PC/Mac is connected directly to the cable modem, with no intervening routers, then its IP address will be the WAN address.You can get the ip address from

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