How can I move Win2K Server clients to a new Win2K3 Server after a crash?

By hbombvi ·
The server that was the domain controller crashed and burned. All the data from it was unrecoverable which wasn't that big a deal because nobody was doing backups anyway. So now I've got a new Win2K3 Server but no backup data from the original Win2K server. How can I migrate the users to this new server? Any resources that you can point me towards would be appreciated. I can provide additional details if necessary.

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without the old data

by CG IT In reply to How can I move Win2K Serv ...

you can't migrate. There's nothing to migrate. you lost all SIDs, IDs, SAMs, permissions, profiles, computer accounts...not to mention AD schema, licensing, basically everything so.......

you have to create everything from scratch.

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If that was your only DC that crashed, then you're screwed

by Why Me Worry? In reply to How can I move Win2K Serv ...

because if you had another DC, you would have a copy of the ntds.dit database on a second server. I wish I had a better answer for you, but unless you have at least 2 DCs' in your AD tree, you have no redundancy if you lose your one and only domain controller. That's why MS recommends to have at least 2 DCs' per site.

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