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How can I move XP to large hard drive?

By theboatguy ·
I'm trying to upgrade to a larger hard drive on an XP machine. I've tried several ways of mirroring the smaller drive to the larger. I've tried several tactics using the ontrack cd that came with the drive (Hitachi) and I tried xcopy which told me that the anyuser folder couldn't be copied. Same with Explorer. I haven't been able to find any noticeable difference in those files or folders but the "mirror drive" will not boot. I get a message telling me that there has been a change in configuration. I can't beleive it's this difficult to upgrade to a larger hard drive with XP. What am I missing?

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by dmiles In reply to How can I move XP to larg ...

You are missing the issue of XP detecting the hardware configuration change and refuses to copy to the larger hard drive

This has to do with the activation code with XP,it is detecting the hardware change and will not transfer over as Microsoft has intended for it to protect against this.
It may require you to use a software such as disk image or similar.
You may have to do a fresh install of XP on the larger hard drive then transfer all you r files over.

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by ghimpe-- In reply to How can I move XP to larg ...

I recomand you to install WIN XP directly to the larger hard drive, then attach the smaller hdd as slave and copy your files to the new OS hdd.

GooD LucK!

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by theboatguy In reply to

Thank you for your response. I ended up using a utility named Acronis True Image 8.0. Worked great. New 400GB drive, up and running with perfect transfer.

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by mawby In reply to

The boat guy saved me a lot of grief.
I set up a 20 GB IDE to leave in a new quad as a baseline install.

ACRONIS 9 did IDE to SATA 320 GB XFER and set up the new 120 GB custom boot partition.

A total no brainer.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How can I move XP to larg ...

what brand/size/mode hd please?
you may be able to download a utility/instructions for doing this from the new hd manufacturers website.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How can I move XP to larg ...

There is always the Good Old Norton's Ghost to clone the drive across to the new bigger drive. You can't just copy the contents over as all the proper data is not copied and the resulting drive will not be boot-able.

If you install the new drive as a slave drive and then use Ghost you'll be able to Clone the drive and then shut down remove the old drive and replace it with the new drive but most likely you'll have some jumper settings on the drive to change and it will then boot.

Now if you have changed two or more items in the computer you'll need to reactivate every MS Product on the computer and even if you don't have that problem now when you change a Video Card or something similar on the next reboot you'll be faced with the reactivation message and you'll be unable to reactivate over the net as the hardware has been changed so you'll have to ring MS for a new Activation Code for not only Windows but every MS application that you have installed that requires activation..

If you have a Volume License copy of XP and the other MS products you'll be able to change as much as you like without needing to reactivate the products but once you change a M'Board to a different model you are up for a reinstall as the proper drivers just will not be available and even if it does eventually load the proper drivers from the I386 file the old drivers will still exist on the HDD and will cause problems down the track and the system will be unstable.


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