How can I open and edit a Word 2 file with Office 2007?

By monicat.avila ·
I need to open - and work on - a large Word 2 file. I saved the file on a floppy disk years ago. I have got an external floppy disk drive but I cannot open the file. I have Office 2007, Windows Vista and not a clue of how to do it. I'll be grateful for help with this issue. And please bear in mind I'm not very good with computers (my field is English Literature not IT). I am afraid of messing up my PC as it's already working very slowly and crashes every so often. Many thanks in advance for helping me.

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Can you open the file in Wordpad?

If so, try that, then save it in a "newer" format, say Word 6 or later, then see if Word/Office 2007 will open it.

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Firstly can you see the file on the Floppy in My Computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can I open and edit a ...

Or whatever it's called in your version of Windows?

Floppies where never that reliable for long term storage so the file may be unreadable to begin with before you even start.

If you can see it what happens when you click on it? What program tries to open it?

Anyway as a first suggestion the one above if the file is readable is probably the easiest way to proceed here thought it gets a lot more difficult if the file on the floppy has been corrupted along the way.

If the file is readable this will defiantly be of help but if you don't understand the language post back and ask before attempting anything.



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