How can I open this attachment?

By ErinFog ·
I get this error message: Can't create file: (file name.xls). Right-click the folder you want to create the file in, and click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder.
It is just a spreadsheet and if I send it to another user, they can open it and send it back to me. It is a recurring attachment that I've been opening for years and suddenly I have this problem. Our IT guy is stumped.
I even tried the ridiculous instructions in the error message and that does nothing.

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Check the "permissions" on the folder the file is currently being accessed

It could be that you inadvertently placed a copy of the file into a different folder
other than the original it was stored in.

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Reponse To Answer

by ErinFog In reply to Check the "permissions" o ...

It's an incoming e-mail from a customer with the current day's date included in the file name so, there is no folder, only a single page spreadsheet.

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try repairing the office program

by databaseben In reply to How can I open this attac ...

you might have to get office to repair itself. there are a couple of ways to do it. but one of them is via add/remove (or in win7 program features) via the control panel.

when you click on the office line item, it will give you a chance to repair the program, like in win7.

for other versions, you may have to click uninstall in order for the office installation menu to pop with the options to repair, modify or uninstall.

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Spreadsheet problem

by pcrx_greg In reply to How can I open this attac ...

Can you save the file to your desktop or documents folder? Try saving it on the desktop with a new name. If this works, then open Excel and navigate to the desktop and try opening the file from within Excel.

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check email client and excel security settings . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to How can I open this attac ...

there are settings that prevent downloading / opening potentially unsafe files
but I don't remember offhand where they are located exactly

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this worked for me

by mckevitt In reply to How can I open this attac ...

Step 1: Locate the folder
The folder location is stored in the registry in the following key;

Outlook 97


Outlook 98


Outlook 2000


Outlook 2002/XP


Outlook 2003


Outlook 2007


Outlook 2010


Step 2: Get to the folder
1.Open the OutlookSecureTempFolder registry key from the location provided in Step 1.
2.Copy the path from the key.
3.Open Explorer
4.Paste the address in the Address Bar and press Enter
5. Delete the contents of the folder

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by dogknees In reply to How can I open this attac ...

What exactly is the name of the document? You say there's a date in it. If it's got slashes in it, it could stop it saving successfully.

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