How can I partition my hard drive in windows 7 ?

By mocambo ·
I would like to have a dual boot on my PC both XP and Windows 7 but cannot find a way to set it . Any help please.

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Partition Magic Windows 7 partition hard drive well!

by raffilica In reply to How can I partition my ha ...

For dual boot, you could directly partition hard drive into two or more separate partitions to install the operating system.
Read the article about <a href="http://www.partition-magic-windows7.com/res/repartition-hard-drive-windows-7.html">partition hard drive for Windows 7</a> and then get more about dual boot:

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oh smeg - you beat me to it again!!

by markp24 In reply to How can I partition my ha ...


Oh smeg and raffilica are right, I swear, Oh smeg beats me to these all the time What time zone are you in Oh smeg?

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to oh smeg - you beat me to ...

I'm in AU and working on Eastern Standard Time about 20 to 22 hours ahead of the US.

But I just look in several times a day and post replied/answers to new questions that appear.


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Partition Win7 Hard Drive

by ron.hill.ski In reply to How can I partition my ha ...

As above, for win7 and vista, I first use the win7 or vista disk management to shrink drive
"C:\". They are reluctant to go to size less than 1/2 of whole. Remainder can be made
one or more partitions and formatted using win7 or vista, or Gparted as noted. Reason to
use win7 or vista for resize is to preserve new boot process used by them, unlike for XP. Once partitions are set. XP install should work ok. I add partitions for Linux and
for swap files as well, for multi-boot. 7 OS on this pc. BW/ZZron

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Installing windows XP as a dual boot os via win 7

by avinashreddy1090 In reply to How can I partition my ha ...

Hey. . .I think there is no need to do a partition or free space in your HD. . .Make a partition in windows 7 using disk manager and try to install just as some firefox software i.e run the setup. then choose the partition in to install as the empty drive in your system.
(this procedure works if you try to install windows 7 after installing XP. Give a try to install this windows XP using windows 7 :) Gud Luck)

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by moonshine70 In reply to How can I partition my ha ...

Free for home use. User-friendly and have never had any issues after dozens of partitionings.

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by mocambo In reply to How can I partition my ha ...

Thanks a lot for your answers and your help guys I'm gonna try the EaseUs .

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