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How can I prevent spoofing of mac address?

By aniruddhat ·
Is there any way to protect your mac address from spoofing.

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This is not easy

by markp24 In reply to How can I prevent spoofin ...

Im not sure there is a way, you would need to encrypt the communcations between the router (dhcp server) and the pc when the pc requests an IP. I guess you could use ipsec, just not sure what routers /dhcp servers support that.

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Not sure what you are asking

by robo_dev In reply to How can I prevent spoofin ...

You cannot prevent anyone/anything with knowledge of your mac address from using it.

If your intent is to keep spoofed mac addresses off of your enterprise LAN, then
some very sophisticated network security applications, like the Cisco NAC (network admission control) appliance do some intelligent analysis to identify if a changed mac address is acting the same as the original one. Thus a HP printer mac address swapped to a Linux workstation would be detected easily. Otherwise, a mac is a mac...

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Don't spoof me

by MonkeyKingLopez In reply to How can I prevent spoofin ...

1. buy managed switches.
2. configure snmp on the switches so you can poll them remotely.
3. keep a list of which mac addresses should be hooked up to which port.
4. every so often, ask the switch for the mac address of the devices connected to their ports.
5. if a port reports a different mac address than the one you were expecting, disable the switch port.

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