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    How can I print to a Lexmark inkjet from Linux?


    by dunngm ·

    Has anyone figured out yet how to print to a Lexmark inkjet from Linux, say Ubuntu maybe? I work in a remote office off the company network but with internet access and a small wireless network that just covers the building we are in. My employer supplies only Windows compatible wireless printers, in this case a Lexmark X1420 for the remote location. I’m the only person in the firm with enough sense to use Linux, but that is challenged by the fact that I can’t print to the Lexmark. Most of the advice I’ve found in searches advises ditching the Lexmark and buying something else. That’s not an option since the printer is supplied by the employer.

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      by dunngm ·

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      by brabi ·

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      I have various windows and linux machines on my home network, and none of them have any trouble connecting to my wifi printers or printers shared from networked machines, but I’m not familiar with that particular printer. Have you tried using it physically connected to the linux box or just over wifi? Or hooked it up to a windows machine and shared it that way? If you can get it working while cabled you may have more success over wifi.

      Does the linux box detect and communicate ok with other devices on the network?

      I much prefer linux myself but in the end I had to give up and use MS at work and stick to linux at home.

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      Not sure that’s going to work

      by robo_dev ·

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      Others have tried and failed

      At a high level, I believe the problem is that some of the cheaper printers do the print formatting in software, which means that Windows print driver does more than just send the print job to the printer, it actually renders the page to be printed in the PC. Unless the printer manufacturer creates this capability for Linux, it simply will not work.

      Not to ‘dis’ your printer, but the 1420 is absolute garbage…the print cartridges cost about the same as the printer itself and you can buy these printers by the truckload for $20 on ebay.

      The best solution in your case is to spend the $50 and get printer with Linux compatibility. Again, nothing personal, but there is no printer you could get that is any worse than what you’ve got.

      Linux printer/scanner compatibility list:

      The good: Wireless-ready; fast prints; inexpensive.

      The bad: Print quality needs a lot of improvement; bundled software has weird limitations.

      The bottom line: With its built-in wireless capability, the Lexmark Z1420 looks like a bargain until you see the prints it outputs. If you value print quality, look elsewhere.

      Read more:

      I would suppose if your ‘life depended on it’ then you could load Windows emulation (WINE) and load up the Lexmark windows drivers. Not sure that would work.

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      Print on Linux

      by tuxgabo ·

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      Hi, if the issue is for the driver, go to and search for a compatible ppd file for the specified printer, you need to provide this file to the cups (common unix printing system) of your linux distro.

      I Hope this helps, Regards

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      Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901

      by luke g. ·

      In reply to How can I print to a Lexmark inkjet from Linux?

      I can speak for the fact that this printer does have Linux drivers. It does do the print processing through software, as was mentioned in one of the other answers, but at least they chose to provide the processing software for Linux! What a treat! 🙂

      Oh, and you can’t beat $5 high-capacity black ink cartridges!!

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