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    How can i protect my pen drive from getting formatted?


    by srirammig112 ·

    Iam fed up of this problem which keeps happening again and again.Iam having a kingston make datatraveller 2gb pen drive.I have been using it since 1 year without any problems but within these 2 months my pen drive just got formatted or the contents are getting erased without any intimation or warning.This happened to me at least 5-6 times during these 2 months.I just wanna ask an expert taht are there any free downloadable softwares available on the net which when installed on to my pen drive can prevent it from getting formateed?if it is there then i wish i can load it onto my 40 gb usb hard disk also.Please somebaody help me.

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      by srirammig112 ·

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      Either someone or something

      by rob miners ·

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      is formatting this drive. I take it that it is formatted as FAT32, you may consider changing it to NTFS for greater protection.

      One of the ways by which a virus can infect your PC is through USB/Pen drives. Common viruses such as ?Ravmon? , ?New Folder.exe?, ?Orkut is banned? etc are spreading through USB drives. Most anti virus programs are unable to detect them and even if they do, in most cases they are unable to delete the file, only quarantine it. Here are the things which you can do if you want to remove such viruses from your USB drives.

      Don?t click on Ok , just choose ?Cancel?. Open the Command Prompt by typing ?cmd? in the run box. In the command prompt type the drive letter: and press enter . Now type dir /w/a and press enter.

      This will display a list of the files in the pen drive. Check whether the following files are there or not

      New Folder.exe

      or any other exe file which may be suspicious.

      If any of the above files are there, then probably the USB drive is infected. In command prompt type attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and press enter. This will remove the Read Only, Archive, System and hidden file attribute from all the files. Now just delete the files using the command del filename. example del Ravmon.exe. Delete all the files that are suspicious. To be on a safer side, just scan the USB drive with an anti virus program to check whether it is free of virus or not. Now remove the drive and plug it again. In most of the cases, the real culprit turns out to be the ?Autorun.inf? file which mostly gets executed when someone clicks Ok in the dialog window which appears above. Thus the infections can spread

      Let us know how you get on.

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