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How can I protect myself

About a week ago on an online grief forum apparently there was a person on there who was offended by something I had said. I had not revealed anything about my identity to any of them. This person went to some trouble and then posted on the board all kinds of information about me - my name, my address, my ip address, all kinds of personal information. Of course I quickly quit going to this site and asked the administrator to delete all my posts which I did. So, hopefully I am free of the this stuff, but it was quite alarming how easy it can be for a total stranger to find out information about you and I am trying to find ways of protecting myself and my computer from some insane person who could be out there. They literally posted everything about me online. It was very troubling. Thankfully that post was deleted by the administrator and it isn't still out there in public. Thank you so much

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You revealed too much

by mjd420nova In reply to How can I protect myself

One of the things you have to remember is that there are people out here that delight in upsetting others and will go to great lengths to do it. The other thing is that there is an awful lot of information about you right there in your computer. At one time or another you have revealed all, and it just takes a hacker to deposit a worm in your machine, and now they know all too. I take great pains to be sure that I conduct no transactions on this machine that might leave cookies and such where a hacker can get it. I have one special machine I use for doing those transactions, as does everyone in the household. It is double protected with virus checkers, double firewall and a hardware firewall. I have done extensive searches to see what info is out there on me, and can find none. Or at least none that matches my name to a user name. My name appears but no user name, IP address or even what ISP I use. A lot of my customers know me, but they are sworn to secrecy. Many even recognize the initials and the number association but that's it. If someone has posted your info, they either got it from your machine, or have followed you to web sites and harvested what you revealed there. Good Luck.

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I vote "have followed you to web sites"

by murso In reply to You revealed too much

It's too easy. Forums are bot'd. People usually stick to the same user name or something similar. I know of a forum whose members have a blast breaking into people's photo accounts so that they can post other member's "private" nude or otherwise embarassing photos. And these are as low tech a hack as you are going to get; removing part of an url, etc.

Hide in plain sight. When you go online, assume all is exposed, so become someone else whose exposure would not put you at risk.

Be a number, not a name and for heavens sake, don't be unique or clever - it's too easy to track.
I have been able to find users based on their writing style. One guy had a habit of using a certain phrase. It was too easy to google the phrase to see what other names he had on other forums. (I was doing it for work at the time--guy was suspected of trying to steal and sell company data.)

Read more, participate less. If you must speak up, just use smilies and avoid topics on which you are passionate. Passion will loosen your tounge, or fingers as the case may be.

And remember that there are truly only 6 bits of info between you and another person. Make sure those bits lead down the wrong path.

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The easy answer is Don't Participate!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How can I protect myself

There is currently available software that allows a person to track down people and it's not all that hard to do if you know what you are doing anyway.

Don't rely on Windows to keep you secure and certainly don't expect any Windows deployment to be anything like secure at best Windows is a Glorified Games Platform with more holes that Swiss Cheese.

If you want to remain totally anonymous don't have an Internet connection and certainly Do Not visit sites like this. Anyone is capable of backtracking and then doing a search particularly if you are an American Citizen as there is no Privacy there. I was horrified when a friend showed me just what information about him was available on the Web that was freely available. It's the main reason that he left America and became a citizen of another country where he can remain unknown.

Everything that is currently available on him including his bank accounts are 4 years old and no longer applicable and this is only the stuff that is easily obtainable if someone wanted to they could dig down and find out everything that they want to about you without much trouble.

There are no Paranoid Security Computer People just realists. Did you realise that there is not one bit of Telephone activity world wide that goes unmonitored? That is everything from a voice conversation to a fax to an e-mail to any thing like participating here everything is monitored and if you use some trigger words they will be picked up and looked further at.


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I had posted

by zlitocook In reply to The easy answer is [i]Don ...

A few websites awhile back that for $29 you could get any information or allot of information on just about any one. Two have been shut down but more pop up all the time.

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Actually most have so much information

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I had posted

That they can tell you all but the colour of the underwear that a person is wearing the day that you make the request for data. I'm sure if they where to be paid a bit more they could even find that out at a pinch.


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Ha I fooled

by zlitocook In reply to Actually most have so muc ...

Them I do not ware regular underware I use duck tape!

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Well in that case they would list you as kinky

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ha I fooled

And then the colour of the duct tape that you are wearing today and then the time that you changed it to another colour in an attempt to prove them wrong.


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Just So

by Kiltie In reply to The easy answer is [i]Don ...

Sorry no Kipling stories this time

ok, I'll relent and give you a quote from Wiki

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who).

It's so profound and meaningful from my tiny viewpoint.

As regards your post Col, we techies know a few things or two.

We could hack the world if we wanted, but we are the "good guys" fighting the bad 'uns.

EDIT corrected a typo

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by dawgit In reply to Just So

and fight'n those bad typos too. :-)
sorry I had to do that. -d

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by Kiltie In reply to B-)

Hey!! If typos were never allowed, JD could never post here!!


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