how can i reboot my acer aspire 7000

By kaza2122 ·
my acer aspire 7000 laptop will not reboot. the power died so i plugged in the charger, switched on the laptop and it took me to the windows start up page. i selected start windows normally but it didnt and took me back to the start up page, i have tried all the different options, safe mode etc etc but it just keeps taking me back to the same place.. i have ran the memory diagnostics which does not report any problems, i do not have a recovery disk for it. it is running on vista home premium. does anyone have any idea what i can do or what is wrong. thanks

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Does it have a recovery partition?

by seanferd In reply to how can i reboot my acer ...

You may need to access that to fix a broken Windows installation. You should have one if the system did not come with optical media.

First, try removing the battery, as it is apparently bad anyway.

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RE: "the power died so i plugged in the charger" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how can i reboot my acer ...

What do you mean by that?

Do you mean that the NB was actually running when the power suddenly 'died'? - Did you not get a warning that Battery Power had reached dangerously low levels, suggesting that you power down before total loss of power?

Did the laptop power down or did it just suddenly lose all power?

If it suddenly lost power then the HDD will contain 'OPEN FILES' that were not shut down properly (so basically they don't exist any more).

As I recall, with any ACER NB that is running Vista, you should have access to the Windows Vista Recovery System if you elect to press F12 when you power up. This should allow you to access the restore function which comes in three levels of severity. It can go from repairing system files, to correcting errors, to performing a complete System Restore (where you'll overwrite everything on the HDD).

If you don't have an F12 option, try pressing Alt+F9 or Alt+F10 immediately after pressing the power button, preferably before any splash screen appears. This should give you access to the Hidden Partition for Factory Restore.

If your ACER NB follows the standard ACER conventions, you should have 2 partitions: 'C>SYSTEM' and 'D>DATA'. During the Factory Restore process, all of the C> partition will be destroyed and re-installed to factory state BUT all of the \> partition will remain intact.

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