how can i receive calls/texts from old phone on new phone?

By IT2MD · heres the deal...i have an old samsung cell phone with t-mobile that i've had for about 4 years. So i upgraded to a HTC TouchPro2 with Sprint. But I can't transfer my old number over until after June 14.

So what i want to know is this:
Is there a way for me receive incoming calls/texts from the old phone onto the new there a call/text forwarding feature like there used to be on landlines? or could i do it through a bluetooth connection or a wi-fi connection between both phones?

Its just for about 10-days and i don't get enough phone calls or texts to warrant carrying around two cell phones.

any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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Call and text forwarding...

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Your phone should have a Call Forwarding option. All you need to do is enter the number you want your calls forwarded to (your Sprint number, for example). Follow the intructions and you're done. Refer to your phone's owners manual if you need to.

It doesn't matter what number you forward calls to. Call Forwarding doesn't discriminate by carrier or phone. Though the process of CF from Sprint to T-Mobile works a little differently. This is because of the technology differences between T-Mobile (GSM) and Sprint (CDMA).

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