how can i recover a drive?

By Son_of_sam0860 ·
i have a sd slot on my gateway desktop that i was previously able to access, but cant any longer. i wanted to move files onto the sd card but when i went to the computer to open up the drive it wasn't there. i have tried going to device manager to see if the drive was just hidden/ disabled but i couldn't figure out how to recover it again...
i have tried "run" in the start menu and type the drive it was associated with but it comes up as unavailable/unable to access.
any ideas...?

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Just one

by santeewelding In reply to how can i recover a drive ...

Lose the username.

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RE: any ideas...?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how can i recover a drive ...

Just the obvious one here and that is that there is no SD Card in the SD Card Reader or it is Faulty.

But if that is not the issue here you'll need to go to the Gateway Web Site and download the Card Reader Driver and install that again. As I have no idea of your Model or the OS you are using all I can point you to is the Gateway Support Page where you enter the Serial Number and wish you the best.



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Simple check-Unplug the card reader, with the power off.

by Ron K. In reply to how can i recover a drive ...

Power your computer on, let it boot up, then power it off again. Plug the card reader back in and let it load all of the drivers. If the SD card reader doesn't show up in the list of drives in Device Manager it probably IS broken. It's roughly $20.00 for a new one.<br>
BTW-Incredibly horrible poor choice of screen-names. I doubt that I'll respond to that name after this one post.

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Hello Son_of_sam0860...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to how can i recover a drive ...

You could do a simple test to find out if your sd card slot is available when you boot.
Go into your BIOS and then select/choose "Load default settings", please note, this will change your settings in the BIOS if you made any.
At start up press the "F2" or "F1" what ever button to get you into the BIOS then try out the default setting as above. If that does not work then the SD card reader connection to the motherboard is either loose or has come adrift just reattach if it has.
You will have to open your case to do this though so if your computer is still under warranty you might wave your rights (end your warranty) if you open the case up.

Hope all goes well.

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by L-Mo In reply to how can i recover a drive ...

You can check in Computer Management to see if it is listed as a device. If it's listed you can try to assign it a drive letter.

And yes, I agree with what has been said. Change the name.

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