How can I recover my data from my external hard disk?

By itismelee ·
I connected my external hard disk, Maxtor 300 GB, to my laptop charger by mistake! It failed since then and no sound comes from it at all as if there is no power. I opened its case (external box only) and tried to connect the hard disk to my PC internally. But surprisingly the PC never turns on if the hard disk is connected! I need to recover my data on that hard disk. Please help!

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Sounds like...

by scott_heath In reply to How can I recover my data ...

You may have fried the drive electronics. You may hve to use a service like http://www.datarecovery.net/ if you want to get any data back. I would guess somewhere between $800 and $2000, but it has been about 4 years since I had to use a hard disk recovery service. Normally we tell users "tough luck".

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Contact a Data Recovery House

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can I recover my data ...

If there are none locally to you Seagate has a WW service here


Because of the mix up it is possible that the drive has to be totally dismantled and the platers placed into a special machine to recover your data. This service is anything but cheap so it may be worthwhile requesting a Quote before giving the go ahead to recover your data.

The last time that I had this happen the company involved paid 46K to get their data back.


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by ramuvr In reply to Contact a Data Recovery H ...

You shouldnt have opened the hard disk. i think now you need real help from experts to get it going. Firt you need proper power up for the HDD. Then only we can work on it. we get softwares for data recovery and it is possible to get the data back, only if the HDD powers up an some machine!!

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From my reading of the above it appears

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Man

That the external Enclosure was pulled apart not the actual drive so it should be OK to work with provided that the main Drive case has not been opened.

However if the Drive is toast it is still possible to recover the data though it is far more expensive as the drive has to be dismantled in a Class 1 Clean Room and the platters inserted into a machine that is capable of reading them. This is not something that is available to most people like the Software solutions are.


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ide/scsi to usb

by jmartin In reply to How can I recover my data ...

Sounds like it's fried, which can be explained by it shorting out the computer when you connect the drive to it.

As a last resort, I would try to get my hands on a USB to IDE/SCSI adapter. You can probably get them from a local computer shop, and definitely can find them online. They range anywhere from $25-50. You would connect the drive to this device, which then plugs into your computer via USB, much like using the drive an an external HDD, but without using the external housing (which may be damaged). At least this way, you can determine if indeed the drive is dead, or the external housing unit.

But it does sound like the drive itself is a goner.

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If the electronics are truly gone

by cmiller5400 In reply to How can I recover my data ...

If the electronics are truly gone in the drive and the USB suggestion does not work, if you are feeling lucky, you could purchase another drive (doesn't need to be one in the external enclosure) that is the EXACT model and make of the failed drive, and swap out the board on the underside of the drive. Just be sure that you don't tweak any ribbon cables etc. This is risky in itself, but if you don't have the $$ to spend on a data recovery shop, then I would try this first. A couple of hundred for a new drive to temporarily take apart is cheaper than several thousand.

Just don't go inside the drive where the platters are. If not done properly and in a clean room, the drive will definitely be toast. Good Luck!!

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Just as an afterthought

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to If the electronics are tr ...

If you try this I would suggest that you consider the drive that you buy as toast as it is possible to fry a Circuit Board and then you will not have the second drive available to use.

Try to get a second hand unit to swap the Circuit Board out of as it's generally cheaper and these are more disposable. I've seen several of these circuit boards fry the moment that power is applied so keep that in mind.


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