How Can I Recover Windows Hard Drive Data?

By Jalinawilliams ·
In my laptop, i was stored some important official work stored, but due to any kind of reason, i can't open my files which is crucial for me! So plz help me...

how can i recover Windows hard drive data? Please provide me appropriate suggestion...... ??

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Request for Clarification

by PurpleSkys In reply to Clarifications

is there an error code or a pop up that tells you anything? did you install a new software lately? we need a little more information please

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Request for Clarification

by robo_dev In reply to Clarifications

Can you read any data on the drive?

Will Windows load and boot normally?

Were your files deleted?

Is the problem you can see the files but not open them?

Is there a particular error message you see?

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Request for Clarification

by the_fifth_horseman In reply to Clarifications

"Any kind of reason" doesn't describe your problem adequately enough to provide you with valid advice (as you might note, almost everyone jumped in with their pet hypothesis and their favoured solution). There are dozens of problems your description can encompass, and each of them has a different solution - which is typically useless for anything else.
Let's try narrowing down the problem first and looking for possible solutions second.

First. Does your laptop power on?
Second. If it powers on, does it boot into Windows?
Third. If it boots into Windows, can you log in?

Then, if you can log in:
1. What files are you trying to access? (by which I mean what sort of data they are supposed to contain, not what actually is inside) If you can access the folder the files are stored in, what do you get when you right-click one of them and choose "properties"?
2. How are you trying to access them?
3. What actually HAPPENS when you try accessing your files? What were you EXPECTING to happen?
If you encounter any error messages, post them here. And please be precise in your answers.

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If I could just Quickly Recover my Sanity

by robo_dev In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

As far as we know the OP drive is toast with bearings glued into a molten blob, thus sir-spam-a-lot, your software may not be of much use.

Also, it would seem likely that perhaps the original question was posted by you so you could reply to it under a different username and promote your software.

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Reponse To Answer

by Rob Kuhn In reply to If I could just Quickly R ...

Two options:

1. Send it to a data recovery center. I had a drive were the motor had frozen up (the bearings were shot and it made a very high squeal sound). I sent it off to a local hard drive data recovery center and they said the platters and heads were good so they were able to read the data off the platters for us. Because of this they were able to provide us a listing of the files it could recover. I presented it to the user and she was able to select the files she needed. This was a cheap recovery. If I recall it set her department back $4K USD (this was back in 2004). She needed the data and since then she became real diligent at backing up her data and saving to the network -- often! :)

2. I don't recommend this but I have done this a few times with a hit-and-miss outcome. If you have another drive, same make and model, you can attempt to swap out the internals yourself. In situations like this the cost to have it recovered was more than it was worth so I had nothing really to lose. Sometimes all I needed to do was to swap out the external circuit board, on others I transplanted the entire intenrals. Just be careful not to get your fingerprint or any oil from your skin on anything! Try to work in the cleanest environment as possible.

HTH ... Best of luck!

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Reponse To Answer

by the_fifth_horseman In reply to If I could just Quickly R ...

Re: 2. Those are desperate options, NOT to be used lightly. ONLY ever use them if the problem is clearly proven to be hardware failure and all other means of recovery are not possible. The first merely risks destruction of the drive, the other guarantees it will happen (just not immediately).

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Reponse To Answer

by Rob Kuhn In reply to If I could just Quickly R ...

Yes. #2 is only if tjere are no other options available. In most of my cases it was te external circuit/controller board that was bad.

But if the motor is shot then there's no choice but to pop the cover and do a transplant. I've done this 3 times in my 20 years of doing IT. :) And each of those times the drive was considered "lost" so I had nothing to lose.

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Reponse To Answer

by shanewarner2012 In reply to If I could just Quickly R ...

I suggest you can check supporting file may be corrupted or missing so try to repair not hard disk. For more information you can read given post

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Use Recuva

by Puma4927 In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

Try Recuva its free

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How To Recover Windows Hard Drive Data?

by mmanning In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

I swear by R-Studio at this has saved me time and time again in hard drive failure.

Where are you located, depending on how valuable the data is you could buy the software or send it to me and i will do it for you for a small fee as i have the software already.


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