How can i reload the OS if cd drive wont read

By mr_t_wright ·
Ok I have a dell inspiron 1300 and there is a problem with the hd, every time you boot up it goes to a blue screen. I have backed up all the data, but now I am trying to reload the OS and the cd drive wont read the disk.... I have tried connecting an external and booting from the external but the laptop isnt recognizing the external on the boot option window???? Can someone help?

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by PurpleSkys In reply to How can i reload the OS i ...
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blue screens also

by mr_t_wright In reply to question

I tried the recovery and it went to blue screen as well

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If for security reasons the Recovery Partition was removed

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can i reload the OS i ...

You can copy the Install Disc to the root of a USB Thumb Drive and load from that. Though you'll need to set the Boot Order in the BIOS to Boot from the USB before the HDD.

Though if the Optical Drive is no longer working it would probably be easier and faster to just replace it with a new Slim Line DVD Burner. They are not expensive and very easy to replace. Generally on Dell NB's they are held in by one screw through the bottom of the NB and once this screw is removed the drive slides out of the case.

You then need to remove any Mounting Brackets on the Old Drive fit them to the New Drive and slide the new drive back into the NB. Then refit the screw and off you go.


edited to add Also to prolong the life of Optical Drives you should never leave Disc's in them when they are not required. The LED's that generate the Laser Beams loose intensity over time and when there is a Disc in the drive the LED is being used all of the time that the Disc remains in the drive. So instead of getting 10,000 hours life spread over short periods of use the LED gets used constantly and stops producing enough light to read the Disc that much quicker.

if you constantly need a Disc in the drive for some reason and can not load the Optical Disc to the HDD you should use a application that makes a Virtual Drive and load the Contents of the Optical Disc tot hat. You'll get much faster access tot he Data that is on the Optical Disc and better overall performance as reading from the HDD is up to 100 Times faster then reading from the Optical Drive. :0


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but y not usb drive

by mr_t_wright In reply to If for security reasons t ...

I thank you for your feed back, but I am still wondering y can't I just boot from the usb cdrom? I have done a bott this way b4 but for some reason on this laptop it doesn't show up in the list?

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The USB Drive that you are using

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to but y not usb drive

May not be supported by that computer. It's not a uncommon problem though no where near as common as it used to be.

Some NB Makers lock which USB Drives that their systems can boot off. Naturally they lock their computers to external drives that they sell.


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by roshan In reply to How can i reload the OS i ...

Their are so many possible ways.. if ur a domestic user the best things to do is get the HDD removed. copy the windows contents to the hdd $ fix it back..

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drive is removed?

by mr_t_wright In reply to Hi

ok I have already removed the drive, as I did so to connect as an exteranal to my laptop to run malware on it.. Not sure what you mean? By that do you mean explore the cd and copy the i386 folder back??

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Copying the i386 folder doesn't reinstall Windows.

by Ron K. In reply to drive is removed?

It could well screw up things even more.<br>
You could possibly make a drive image of the drive and copy that over to another drive with imaging software, like Clonezilla, but that may not work either as the new drive is unlikely to be an exact duplicate of the old drive. In other words, you can't mix and match files and expect to have a working copy of Windows. <br>
There is usually a restore partition on computers that didn't come with a Windows installation disc. You are either prompted during boot to press a function key to restore the drive or you'll have the opportunity to create restore discs as long as your Windows drive isn't hosed. <br>
If you think that your Windows installation is corrupt and you have a Windows disc you can put it in the drive, go to Start\Run and type in sfc.exe /scannow. That command may fix Windows by restoring any files that are missing and/or corrupt. <br>

I didn't look but a make and model number should lead you, via Google, to a manual for your computer. Then you won't have to guess what to do.

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