How can I run several installers after one another?

By MahatmaWatcher ·
Hello, I have this application I'm currently working with and I'm using innumerable add-ons for it. I don't want to use all the add-ons, all the time - but rather certain groups of them together. It's been taking me several hours these past two weeks to install - uninstall - reinstall, and there's not a chance I can keep doing it this way.

I'm wondering if there's a solution? are there any non-programmer-friendly setup/install maker out there, for example? I don't know why I naturally assume such an application exist but I've been looking for almost two weeks. All I find are worthless substitutes for windows own (un)installer. I'm already using COMODO's uninstaller I find it absurd if a "multi-silent-installer" doesn't exist. If no one has designed such a program I need to learn to code it myself. Or maybe some kind of macro would do it? To record the installation process of several files, and have the computer click away itself. There must be a way, right? I really can't handle any more of than endless clicking.

/thank you

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