How can I save installed vista updates ?

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My computer is formated once evry 6 months .

and I have to download updates again !

How can I save installed vista updates for future?

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Sorry, you can not.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to How can I save installed ...

Updates are pushed out from Microsoft Update after validation of the OS licensing. There is no option to save the updates, just to install them. And, if you haven't yet noticed, these updates come in waves depending on what has already been installed.

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Actually Thumbs, that's not strictly true ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sorry, you can not.....

...Says Old Mycroft, badly cannibalising a line from "Independence Day".

I had a system crash 2 weeks ago (it's a long boring story) and did a clean re-install.

Using Firefox, and its add-on for 'Windoze' I managed to download all 115 updates that XP needed, to the Temp directory in the root of C:

Windoze is just another way of accessing the M$ site but without HAVING to use IE (which I detest, yeuch!) and it gives you the opportunity to evaluate the updates individually by downloading without installing.

The installation of these updates then took place as a local task and I've got a nice little collection of updates on a CD now, if I ever need 'em again.

I don't know if Windoze works with Vista though.

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Windoze does not work with vista

by In reply to Actually Thumbs, that's n ...


Windoze does not work with vista becouse vista uses its updater sofware

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I'm not familiar with Vista, but can't you turn off Auto-update?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windoze does not work wit ...

In the same way that it can be turned off in XP?

Although I'm now using Windoze with XP, I still had to turn off Auto-update.

Perhaps Vista could allow you to download but allow you to choose when to install? - That way you could copy the updates before you invoke them.

If you tried to copy AFTER invoking, it wouldn't work because they would have been deleted as part of the install.

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In what folder vista updates are downloaded ?

by In reply to I'm not familiar with Vis ...

In what folder vista updates are downloaded before installing ?

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