How can I schedule XP to only reboot if at the login screen?

By sfrechette ·
I have a specialized workstation that needs to be rebooted during off hours. The computer runs Windows XP SP3, and I know how to schedule a reboot for a specific time. My problem is that it is in a healthcare facility and although the hours are 8-5 we may get an emergency that requires the use of this computer after hours. I don't want it to reboot itself if staff is logged into it doing an x-ray. Is there a way to only have it reboot if it is at the login screen? Thanks!

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by Seonix In reply to How can I schedule XP to ...

I'd imagine the cleanest way to do this would be with a script. I'd strongly suggest using powershell, and then you can run the script via scheduled task if you need to.
Do you have much experience with Powershell? If not, I can write a script for you if you like. If so, I'd get psloggedon.exe from the sysinternals suite on that workstation. The script will check the output of the psloggedon command and then reboot only if no one is logged on. Simple enough

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by sfrechette In reply to Script

I'm not an expert with Powershell but I think I can figure it out. Great idea! Thanks for the prompt response.

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