How can I send my internet signal from my laptop to my wireless router?

By j1o0s3h4 ·
My name is JOSH and I am in the USAF currently deployed in Saudi Arabia. I have a laptop running Windows XP connected to the internet using an aircard. I also have in my possession a vonage wireless router with an active account. If I can transfer this signal from my laptop to my router, I can used my vonage phone and call my family on a regular basis.

How can I send my internet signal from my laptop to my wireless router?

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Talk to your Comm guys

by IC-IT In reply to How can I send my interne ...

Likely the main issue is do they allow that protocol on their network and/or would they be willing to route it for you.

The Vonage wireless router would need to be configured for their network.

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thanks for you response

by j1o0s3h4 In reply to Talk to your Comm guys

The internet service that I have is not through the base network, but rather a commercial service. I have already confirmed with them that VOIP is not being blocked, so all I need is for the internet signal to reach my router.

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The most simple thing would be to use the Vonage SoftPhone

by robo_dev In reply to How can I send my interne ...

Option 1: Softphone
You just download the free softphone app from Vonage and you're all set:

Option 2: V-Phone ($40)
They also have a Vonage v-phone that has the whole thing on a USB stick, with a built-in earpiece/microphone. Go to the main Vonage page and click on 'products'.

Option 3: Using your Vonage router.
I'm very familiar with Vonage routers. It would be a very_ugly and tricky configuration to hang a Vonage router off your PC with an aircard. You would have to install router software on your PC and route the WAN port of the Vonage box to the aircard. Not recommended....I'm not even sure it would work at all.

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Nice options

by j1o0s3h4 In reply to The most simple thing wou ...

I'm looking into option 1 right now, but as far as option two goes, I spoke with vonage and they told me that I would need to sign up for a second account to be associated with the v-phone. Option 3 was the way I wanted to go, but you've just discouraged me cause my computer skills are not that advance.

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Not sure how well this will work but

by OH Smeg In reply to How can I send my interne ...

Plug a CAT5 Cable into your NB's LAN connection and plug the other end into the WiFi Router. You'll need to enter the Routers HTTP address in your Browsed and then setup the Router to the Aircards configuration.

Once this is done you can then open Network Connections from the Control Panel Select the Aircard and Network Connection and Bridge them. You'll have to have a CAT5 cable to the Router to use the phone but it may work.

The ideal solution is to buy the right things and not attempt to make different technology work in a manner it was never designed to.


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Now this is what I would like to do.

by j1o0s3h4 In reply to Not sure how well this wi ...

I totally understand what you're telling me to do, but I'm also totally clueless on how to do it! But yeah, I didn't intend on having different technology here, but the only internet service available here is through air cards and I already had a vonage router. I'm just trying to make do with the limitted resources and skills that I have.

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Understood I've been there myself in the past

by OH Smeg In reply to Now this is what I would ...

On thinking further the Actual Router isn't going to be used here so all you want is a direct connection between the NB and Router for the WiFi access right?

All you should need do is plug in the Router and Bridge the Networking Connections and then the Phone should communicate with the Router then the NB and finally the Air Card and send out the signal. About the only thing remotely Technical here is Bridging the 2 Connection in the Network Connections Window. Even that only requires a right Click on the main Internet Connection and then scroll down the Drop Down Menu and click on the Bridge Option. Maybe you need to select both of these in your case and chose the Bridge Option though. Windows will however tell you if you are attempting anything wrong and the system should tell you what is required to do as you want to do.

Lets know how you get on


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I don't mean to sound negative, but....

by robo_dev In reply to Understood I've been ther ...

I don't think the Vonage router is gonna work this way. These routers are typically a Linksys router, a RTP312 with special firmware and two phone jacks on the back.

So you have to get the WAN side of the router to go thru the bridged ethernet port: you would have to set a static IP and DNS for the wan side of the router. The tricky part would be defining the default gateway and static routes may be required, since the default gateway of the vonage router would not be the actual gateway IP address....

The Vonage router needs to 'phone home' (pun intended) to register the device and their network and get firmware updates. It's a fairly complex process, and I don't see how it would work thru a bridged wlan connection.

But I could be wrong.....

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Mobile Router

by Chris Cook In reply to I don't mean to sound neg ...

Uhm.. Why not get a mobile router? Are you just not wanting to have to buy any extra equipment? With a mobile router, you plug your aircard into the router and it distributes your aircard broadband just as a regular router distributes your high-speed internet connection.
Kyocera makes a good mobile router if you are interested. Here is a link to the kyocera mobile router:

Also, APC offers a cheaper model, but you get what you pay for. I haven't ever used the APC model. But here's the link:

DLINK has a model as well but it is a little higher than the Kyocera model.

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Well I did say that I didn't know if it would work

by OH Smeg In reply to I don't mean to sound neg ...

The problem is the phone here and how it works in conjunction with the ISP. I'm fairly sure that the phone will get to the Net but I'm not sure if it will actually connect to the Vonage Server.

But if nothing else it's worth a try.


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