How can I set 'Send As' permission in Exchange Server

By sabza ·
I am a newbie in Exchange and I have been asked to give users the 'Send As' permissions to a shared mailbox.When set this permissions they seem to disappear after some few hours. I really dont know what to do else.

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What version of Exchange?

by neilb@uk In reply to How can I set 'Send As' p ...

2003 is set in A Run QActive Directory Users and Computers", in the "View" menu tick "Advanced Features".

Open up the account properties of the mailbox and open the "Security" tab in the properties. Click [Add] - under "Group or user names" - and add the user who is to receive the permission. Highlight the account under "Group or user names" and in the "Permissions for..." window grant the account "Send As" permission.

In 2007, you use the Exchange Management Console (or PowerShell). It the MC, open up the Recipient Configuration | Mailbox list and select the mailbox. Over on the rght hand side is the "Manage Send As Permission..." action. Just [Add] the users. Now, I've seen some issues with this from some of our HelpDesk - they report the permissions not "taking" - so I favour Powershell:

Add-ADPermission mailbox -ExtendedRights Send-As -user username


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Exchange 2007 v8 (build 204.6)

by sabza In reply to What version of Exchange?

Thank for your reply.
When I use EMC the permissions ar assigned but after some few minutes or hours they disappear, When I use the EMS, it gives me error about insufficient access rights. What really confuses me is that Iam a member of the Exchange organisation administrators, Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins.
Thanks in advance

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You ought to have rights to set "send-as"

by neilb@uk In reply to Exchange 2007 v8 (build 2 ...

judging by what you've posted.

Just in case something is screwed up, check your admin status using the PS command get-exchangeadministrator. That will give you both the role and scope (might be important if you have more than one server).

You want to be an OrgAdmin to add "send-as" with Organization wide scope.

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get-exchangeadministrator results

by sabza In reply to You ought to have rights ...

Thanks again for spending your time in helping me.
The result of the command shows that I have Organization Wide (OW) scope and the role is OrgAdmin (OA). Then a list a list of other exchange security groups: 1.Public Folder Admin->Scope:OW,Role:OA 2.Exchange Recipient Administrator->Scope:OW,Role:OA 3.Domain Admins->Scope:OW, Role:OA 4.Administrator->Scope:OW, Role:OA 5.Exchange Organisation Admins->Scope:OW, Role:RecipientAdmin 6.Exchange View-Only Admin->Scope:OW, Role:PublicFolderAdmin 7.Exchange Organization Admins->Scope:OW, Role:Public FolderAdmin 8.Domain Users->Scope:OW, Role:PublicFolderAmin
We have only one server. I appreciate your help, thanks.

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