How can i set up A network With My Desktop?

By anunez91 ·
I have a Desktop thats connected to a wireless router via ethernet. I also have two laptops that connect to the internet. I want to set up the network to where i can have my laptops access my external hard drives and printer without having to buy a wireless card for my desktop. Ive searched the net but to no avail. Thanks for any help.

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How can i setup a network

by jlouis45 In reply to How can i set up A networ ...

You need to provide more details about your environment. Your wireless router is connected to your desktop and is used for internet? correct me if I am wrong. Make your desktop the host and have a network cable connected to it and the laptops. the use the network properties and join the two computers. This will help you to share files / printers. If the printer is the only requirement then you can have a printer share which is available in the market with multiple ports.

Hope this helps

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We're setup much the same way only with a wireless desktop.

by Ron K. In reply to How can i set up A networ ...

The wifi desktop can read my external drives and printer by my sharing my computer folders/drives. Make sure that file and printer sharing is turned on in all Windows firewalls and that the Scope of them is limited to your home network. Also check that your firewall and network is setup to have the computers and home network in the Trusted zone of a software firewall, if you have one.<br>
I set all of my file and printer shares so that my users can modify the files and that I can modify their shares.<br>
If you have a wireless modem and it's software allows it it's a good idea to only allow certain pcs Internet access by their static IP address and MAC ID using WEP2 encrytion. The passphrase/password for the firewall is the same passphrase/password you must use to join the wireless pcs to the network.
If your router is still in warranty for support service, usually for a year after purchase, router support staff can help walk you through the setup.<br>
Router manufacturers usually have a manual for your router at their website that provides a wealth of information. In the case of my D-Link router there is a large help section on the router setup page.

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