how can I set up small network?

By Talaa ·
Hello guys
I'm trainee to one of the college so I have one task I want to as part of my training
I want to set up small network with one switch, one server i.e it will be as domain controller and five clients.
so can you please help on how to set up this small network?

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Quite simple really

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to how can I set up small ne ...

Load the Server with your chosen OS, then load the 5 workstations with their OS.

If you are using a Windows Server Application you need the Professional version of XP or the Professional Version or Higher for Vista/7 as the lower versions can not be connected to a domain.

Then place your Server where you want it connect with a Ethernet Cable from the Server to the Switch, then after placing your workstations where you want them run Ethernet Cables from the Switch to the workstations.

Then follow the steps as outlined in the Server Application/OS to set it up with the functions that you require.

As for the steps that you need to setup the Server and establish it???s functions this is dependant on the Server Version and if we don???t know what that is or for that matter what OS you want to use on the workstations we can not give step by step instructions.

If you want the server to distribute a Internet Connection you need 2 Network Interfaces in it and connect the unused one to the Internet and then setup the Network by telling the Setup Procedure that the Server connects directly to the Internet and all Computers on the LAN connect through it.

Col .

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Reponse To Answer

by Talaa In reply to Quite simple really

I have got the idea
on my small network I will use Win XP professional for workstation and Win server 2003 for server and small switch with six ports
I won't connect to the Internet

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