How can i setup a wireless cafe(hotspot) using a DSTV

By flame06 ·
I need a detailed description on how to setup a wifi hotspot, the odds to be encountered and how to overcome them.
Presently, i have a wireless router(linksys/wireless G;I don't really understand it's working(guess i'll need another level of explanation) though i configured it based on an online article but it is not sending signal to any wireless device around.), a desktop, a laptop, a 3 in one printer+scanner+copier.The best OS to use. I have a suse linux(just learning to use it),Xp,vista,server 2003 and server 2008
i choose to use a Dstv cos i read online its speed is between 6-8mbps(don't know how true this is) and cost effective since i don't need to pay extra fee for the internet bandwidth. The isps we have are really expensive and is not totally reliable in terms of availability and speed.
I would want a connection that would cover a broad area(have a garden behind my house and also want to serve those who live around in their homes).
Also, i'd like a portal where people can input username and password which will depend on the amount of time paid for and so that i can advertise other services i render.
And any other word on what i can do so that my consumers can get what they are paying for and so that i can stay affloat in the market.
Please note that i am not a financially boyant person, being jobless for about 3 yrs since i've graduated and i'm now trying to put the little knowledge i have to good use. Did a short term course in hardware and networking and this is what i'm trying to put to use. So apart from the hardware expense that is a necessity for a good product, unnecessary expenses should please be spared me as i will even be borrowing and soliciting for support to start the cafe.
I choose wireless cos it will spare the expense of pcs and work space since i can run the wireless from my bedroom.
i intend to start in about two months time but would like to try everything on my own for about a month and get used to it as much as possible.

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You need to walk before you can run

by robo_dev In reply to How can i setup a wireles ...

If your intent is to start a business based on providing paid wireless LAN services, you should spend some time learning about how the technology works and start by configuring the device you have to work. Realistically, it can be very tricky to configure a wide range of wireless devices to connect to a WiFi network, and it takes a fair amount of capital and expertise to build a network that would be usable for a large number of users.

In addition to making a robust and reliable WLAN, you would also need to configure and deploy some sort of captive portal. See the link below for a list of some of the more popular captive portal applications:

When you say 'using a DSTV", I assume you mean to use a satellite Internet feed for your Internet cafe business? In general, sat-based Internet is much slower than any wired service, and people only use this as a last resort when no suitable wired service is available. In other words, DSTV is a bad idea.

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You are not going to learn everything you need to know in one forum

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to How can i setup a wireles ...

You really need to do your homework. Read this:

If you don't understand everything talked about on this page then you are in over your head. You will need a solid understanding of network and wireless security to protect your self and your customers. Even with all of the security essentials down there is potential for something to go wrong.

You will certainly need to know how to use a hardware firewall and the link I gave you is a firewall with a captive portal built in to it.

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