How can I/ should I view image attachments as inline in mail clients?

By arlington750 ·
My company recently established themselves with a charity and part of the deal is that the charity places an image in our employees email signatures. With our users using Outlook, the image appears and is not listed as an attachment at all. Some of our users are on Entourage, which displays the image as an attachment. Some of our Entourage users prefer the image just appear instead of appearing as an attachment, and it seems like from what I read it isn't too difficult to do that, but there are various potential side effects, most notably the devouring of server space and inaccurate identification as a source of spam, which we don't want, of course.

I'd like to be as accommodating as possible for our employees but obviously I can't be filling our servers more than necessary or having my organization put on a spam list.


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Whether inline or attached,

by seanferd In reply to How can I/ should I view ...

the same amount of data is there.

Why would this image cause your organization to be identified as a source of spam?

If the image is hosted remotely and linked, there is only one copy.

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use absolute path

by yovev In reply to How can I/ should I view ...

You can use an HTML file as signature.
And in this case in the IMG tag you should write absolute path to the image file in the SRC attribute. But the file must be held on a public location for both - you and the recipient.
For example:
the image file is previously uploaded at your company's official website and has the following URL:
the HTML code will be something like:
<img src='" border='x' width='y' height='z' alt='some alternate text in case the image does not show up' />
Save the html file, open Outlook, Point to Tools -> Options. Choose the Mail Format tab and in bottom right click "Signatures...". In the pop-up window click on "New..." name your new signature and choose the third option named "Use this file as a template:" and click Browse. Select the html file you have just created. Click Next, Finish, OK, OK.
You should have the image now in your signature.

I have given only the example code for the image tag. You can add any other information you want to appear on the signature.


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