How can i solve this problem? =(

By Mr. Problem ·
When i switch on my PC, the green lights of CPU and monitor turns to orange, as if it is in stand-by mode (but it's not in stand-by)... =s

3-4 beeps are heard from the CPU and then the fan starts with a loud noise and pc doesn't start =(

What should I do...?? =(

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The beeps are indicative the the problem

by jimmy-jam In reply to How can i solve this prob ...

PC manufacturers have different beep sequences for different problems. My advice would be either to Google around and see if you can find anything on that particular beep sequence or call the manufacturer and ask tech support what it means.

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Yep. BIOS beep codes.

by seanferd In reply to The beeps are indicative ...
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The Beeps are a BIOS Error Code

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can i solve this prob ...

And should be listed in the M'Board Makers Manual.

If this is an Off the shelf System then you'll need to look in the Users Manual and if you no longer have the Manual you'll need to look on the System Makers/M'Board Makers Web Site for your User Manual to find out what the Error Message is.

Though if this is a Desktop with a AGP Video Card the most likely thing is that the Video Card has moved in it's socket and is no longer in the proper location to work. Just opening the case and pressing down on the Video Card quite often cures the problem but you may need to remove the Video Card and reinsert it into the socket to make it work again.


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