How can I stop a Windows update that has been hanging for over 12 hours?

By reelyjiggy ·
Hi, I have a Dell Insprion 1525 with Vista. I ran Windows update last night and it told me I had 10 updates. All was working well until it came to install Windows Live Essentials 2011, it has been stuck on this "Installing update 8 of 10" for more than 12 hours now, I left it overnight and it was still there this morning. I now can't seem to stop it. I have done ctrl+alt+del but when I go back to Windows update ( I thought I could go back and choose to not update this program) the update window just pops back up with the same "Installing 8 of 10". Is there any way that I can stop it completely and then go back and choose which updates I would like, leaving Live Essentials off?
Thanks for any advice.

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Not fully automatic

by TobiF In reply to How can I stop a Windows ...

This particular "update" wants some input from you. Circle through your applications by pressing tab repeatedly, while keeping alt depressed. Somewhere, an installation dialog is waiting for you to confirm what parts of Windows Live Essentials you want to install...

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Thanks, couldn't find anything

by reelyjiggy In reply to Not fully automatic

Thanks, I did that but nothing is there. I only have the wndows live update window open and when I do alt+tab I only see that and my screen saver, so I don't think anything is hiding?

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Then reboot

by TobiF In reply to Thanks, couldn't find any ...

Well, then reboot twice so that the pending updates can be finished, but wait with the Live Essentials update (and run it separately).

When rebooting, you'll probably need to enforce killing of some hanging processes.

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I don't want windows live in any shape of form

by jorge.durand In reply to How can I stop a Windows ...

How can I tell windows updates for vista to turn it off forever.

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