How can I stop auto-hidden task bar from accidentally popping up?

By spamthehelloutofme ·
In win XPpro - The Auto-hidden task bar pops up by accident when I am moving the mouse pointer near the bottom of the screen. Many of my applications require me to click things near the bottom of the screen so this annoyance is unavoidable. without changing the behavior of popping-up the hidden taskbar.

How can I change the hidden taskbar pop-up behavior to stop this annoyance? I still want the task bar to pop-up just not by accident.

Something like the below fix would work but I have no Idea on how to implement it: Please help me with the code and implimation or come up with some other fix for this annoyance?

1) Allow windows mouse pointer to go below the bottom of the screen(off the monitor)

2) If the pointer reaches a spot 50 pixels below the bottom of the screen the task bar pops up. note: windows pops-up the taskbar when the pointer is on the SECOND TO LAST pixel of the screen

with the above fix moving the mouse well below the bottom of the screen would invoke the taskbar pop-up but the taskbar would not pop-ub by accident.


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Move it?

by BlackDiamond In reply to How can I stop auto-hidde ...


Not what you requested, but you could move the taskbar to the top of side of your screen instead of the bottom.

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Good suggestion, but I need a different fix or workaround

by spamthehelloutofme In reply to Move it?

With the task-bar on top the annoyance is almost worse as when I attempt to click in the upper right to close, minimize, or expand an application window I often overshoot the top just a bit and the auto-hidden taskbar appears - annoying!

The layout of a taskbar on either side works poorly for me.

Maybe I am just too sloppy with the mouse.

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The task-bar does not have to be configured to always be on top.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Good suggestion, but I ne ...

But first, you need to accept the fact that there are only so may pixels on a screen. The mouse does not move beyond those boundaries. Even though you may not see the bulk of the pointer, the exact point itself will still not move below the screen limits.

What you CAN do is turn OFF the auto-hide feature and ture OFF the always on top feature. If your applications require the entire screen (I have two that do and they're very annoying themselves), the application will cover up the task-bar. To reach it, you press the Windows key on the keyboard. Any other application that doesn't require the entire screen will fit their window to MEET the taskbar leaving it always visible.

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Anyone... Still looking for a taskbar workaround... please take a look!

by spamthehelloutofme In reply to How can I stop auto-hidde ...

I'm still looking for a workaround that will keep the taskbar from poping up by accident.


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You can get rid of it but...

I will not give you the registry settings on this one. Why?, because you will blame me for the it. :)
Please follow the other posts answers, of which are good.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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