How can i store GSM balance/credit report

By isho777 ·
Ive been programing my Gsm modem to store balance/credit reports from the carrier without success. im writing a program that must store the information to modem memory, im using hyperterminal to test commands and i would recharge the modem SIM with airtime, but the sms confirmation cannot download in to SR. I not sure if its possible at all. I tried all combinations of AT+CNMI I use Huawei e160 usb modem which has SR memory. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Ummm....is what you are attempting legal?

by robo_dev In reply to How can i store GSM balan ...

While it might save you considerable money to be able to recharge your own pre-paid cellular device, those who provide the service might have an issue with that.

Or perhaps I misunderstood your question, if so, please clarify your question.

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Several technologies

by TobiF In reply to How can i store GSM balan ...

Your mobile operator may use different technologies to show you your current balance and other information.

- Ordinary SMS (which by default are stored in the phone or on the sim card). These messages, obviously, you can retrieve.

- Flash SMS. This is SMS messages with a special flag set, which will cause the message to be directly shown on the screen of the handset. In most telephones, this message can't be stored. Typically, the message is discarded as soon as you press any button or receive a phone call etc.

- USSD message. Behaves very much like a flash SMS, but uses a slightly different bearer channel. If this message is sent within a "session", then it is possible to reply to such a message. (USSD messages can be initiated from the phone if you enter something like *123*52# and hit "send").
I'd never expect a phone to allow saving an incoming USSD message.

- Other. It is, for instance, possible to send (possibly even encrypted) messages to a STK (SIM tookit) application on the SIM card, which, in turn, can use STK functions to display information on the screen. Don't expect to be able to retrieve this kind of messages (without emulating the phone or intercepting the communication between the SIM card and the phone.

If you're lucky, a GSM modem may support handling of flash SMS, (at least sending them!) but many modems can't deal with USSD at all. Even less - STK.

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