How can I tell how much of an internet pipe is being utilized?

By MKRives ·
We currently have a 10mg internet pipe in our home office. We have several small remote sites that have local,(DSL, Cable, etc) connection. We will be moving to some new software that is web based and our remote sites will not longer access via Citrix from their local connection but will be tapping into our 10mg pipe, since the new software is Web based. How can I tell how much of the 10mg is currently being utilized, so I can determine if/how much I need to increase that 10mg by?

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couple different ways....

by ---TK--- In reply to How can I tell how much o ...

you could try calling your ISP and see if they monitor usage, you could set up a proxy, and set up a traffic monitoring system (I use a Linux squid proxy with Webmin plug ins to monitor usage)... Or how much Upload does each of your sites have MAX add it up, and that is the potential MAX that could be utilized... example: 12 sites each with one meg up MAX... which at any give time, if they were all maxing out their up speed, you could be looking at 12mg total, which is more than what you have... just some ideas...

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by MKRives In reply to couple different ways....

Thanks for the replies ! I got the information from my ISP.

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