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How can I tell who has a file open on a server?

By cjay ·
I need a utility that will report who / what workstation has a file open (or locked) on a Windows 2000 Server. I have found a few utilities (ofl.exe, psfiles.exe) that will tell me the user or users that have files open, but I also need to know what workstation that user is connecting from. I have several users that logon to multiple workstations, so just the user name is not enough. . . Any suggestions.

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Sessions and Shares

by BFilmFan In reply to How can I tell who has a ...

You could compare Sessions and Shares and find the guilty culprits.

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Who has a file open?

by jon In reply to How can I tell who has a ...

To be a little clearer than 'BFilmFan', the easiest way to do this is with one of the built-in tools, Computer Management. Launch Computer Management (right-click My Computer and select Manage), then under System Tools expand Shared Folders and the Open Files node. This displays what user opened a particular file, then under the Sessions node, the user is listed along with his/her computername.

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RE: Who has file open?

by newsletter In reply to Who has a file open?

The challenge with this is how do you which workstation is the culprit if the user ids are the same. There is no way to determine which id from which workstation because shared folders/sessions tells you which computer and user along with number of files, but not the individual file name. On the hand, shared folders/open files tells you which id has which file open, but not which workstation. Therefore, still leaving you without the needed information which is... which workstation is keeping the file open.

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Bigger Problem

by pducato In reply to RE: Who has file open?

If multiple users share the saame username you have bigger problems to worry about than who has the file open!!

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RE: Who has a file opne?

by jzeman56 In reply to RE: Who has file open?

After you look at the "Open Files" to determine the user, can't you go to sessions and see the IP address (at least in XP Pro). With the Ip do a ping-a to resolve the workstation name. If your workstation naming convention is setup to identify the system location you should be good to go.

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Who has a file open? reply

by mickeyd In reply to Who has a file open?

This only works if you have access permission.

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Check out Hyena from Systemtools

by skc In reply to How can I tell who has a ...

Check out Hyena from Systemtools at It's too much for me to go over here but this is a powerful tool. It's dangerous in the wrong hands. You can download a full functional evaluation copy and try it for 30 days for free. See how you like it. I have been using it for 6 years now and I love it.

Note: I do not work for Systemtools.


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I use NetWatch

by beaudoin In reply to Check out Hyena from Syst ...

I don't know if you have a solution or not, but I downloaded a program from (I think) TechRepublic called NetWatch. In the NetWatch window, I add a server in the Connection dropdown, and it gives me a tree of which user has a file opened (for view or write) and from which PC. There might be a setting in the Options dropdown, but this should do the trick. I think it's an exe, not an installed program.

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ShareWatch from Steve Miller

by funta22 In reply to I use NetWatch

Actually you might find out that those solutions all don't work.
Have a look at the free ShareWatch:

With this tool you can see which file is open from where (hostname) by whom (user).

cu, funta

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Use the Management Console

by Abraham Oc?n In reply to How can I tell who has a ...

I have had that kind of need too and the faster and easiest way that I have found is to use the Management console.

Just open it (control panel, administrative tools or right click on My PC, manage) and browse the left tree and look for Shared Folders.

In Sessions, you can see the users who have open files, number of opened files and also the computer from the files are being open.

In Open Files, you can see all the files open in the server, and the user(s) that have the file opened.

I hope this can be helpful for you.


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