How can I transfer an entire disk from computer to computer using windows 7

By zimerman ·
I need to clone 50 new computers with an image from a template machine. What are my options?

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by oldbaritone In reply to How can I transfer an ent ...

from Norton/Symantec is one option

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Acronis or Clonezilla

by dldorrance In reply to How can I transfer an ent ...
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Just the Blaring Obvious here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can I transfer an ent ...

Is all of the Software on the Host Machine Volume License?

If not you will be looking at serious Licensing issues as all of the Hard Drives and hence the different Computers will have the Same Product Keys and if these are OEM or Retail License product you will be in Breach of M$'s Windows and Office pieces of Software.

If that's the case you can expect a .5 Million $ Fine from M$ along with a 18 Month Legal Bill and the need to name the Principals of the Business as Thieves in the M$ Enforcement Alerts for a first offense and considerably more if it's not the First Offense.

You can only legally Clone/Bulk Load Systems with Volume License Product loaded and even then when M$ legal come calling you have to prove that you have not exceeded the Maximum Number of Licenses by loading more computers than you have Licenses for.


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by santeewelding In reply to Just the Blaring Obvious ...
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Good and VALID point

by brian In reply to Just the Blaring Obvious ...

you do have an extremely valid point but i do have one question for has been a while since i've looked into licencing info. Lets say said system has only OEM copies of everything (no volume licence...etc), is it still illegal to clone the drive to another one using one of the programs as mentioned above for backup purposes (granted it will be a complete clone and operational). I understand that this can be done using a mirror raid, however by using one of those programs above and an secondary HDD, does that count against the licencing agreement from Microsoft/other vendors since it is not RAIDed and is completely operational as a drive that can be placed into a similar PC (though it is for BACKUP purposes)...Just a question that hit me...i believe the answer is as long as it is for BACKUP purposes only and not being RAN on any other PC it is legal, however, not entirely sure since these rules/regulations change constantly!

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Well I'm no expert on M$ Licensing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Good and VALID point

But it's my understanding and Interpretation from the OEM EULA that you can use that software on the Original Hardware. However with failures it is possible to replace parts provided that they are not considered by M$ Legal to be Major Upgrades.

So just having a spare HDD around with a Clone of the OS and Software on wouldn't be breaching the Licensing Agreement but if you where to say fit that HDD to another system and have 2 running that is a clear breach of the Licensing Agreement. Also if you where to buy a Single Core System and then replace the CPU with a Quad Core i7 Type CPU and New M'Board that accepted the higher End CPU M$ legal would consider this as a Major Upgrade and require that you install new M$ Software.

However if you had a AMD CPU and suffered a M'Board failure which took out the CPU as well provided that you do not make major improvements to the system you can use the existing M$ Software to reload the system. So if you where to fit a similar CPU and a suitable M'Board that would not be considered as a Major Upgrade and could be considered as Original Hardware for the Licensing Purposes.

However with all things M$ involving Licensing this all depends on who you speak to on that particular day. I've rung M$ Licensing on more than one occasion and been told 2 different stories by different people on the same phone call when a Licensing Question has been asked.

However by the same token with stolen computers if I was to replace one without a Insurance Company being involved I need to supply new Software and Product Keys but every time I have replaced stolen computers for an Insurance Company I have used the Previously supplied M$ Product Keys with approval from M$ legal to do this.

I no longer try to understand the system when it comes to M$ Licensing I just ring the head of M$ Legal here and if she says that it's OK to do something I do it, if she says that I need a new License I supply a new license. It's easier that way.


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Message has been deleted.

by himuraeikichi In reply to How can I transfer an ent ...
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Legal Copies

by zimerman In reply to Message has been deleted.

All of the software is site licensed. There is no legal issue. Is there a way to just copy the drive to other computers? Via cable or software.

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by brian In reply to Legal Copies

If you are using site licencing/volume licence agreements, follow the guidelines for copying drives, however, may i recommend using the OPK/Sysprep utility. you can find a bunch of information on microsofts site for it. This is what microsoft forces system builders to use on their initial installs, and one of my customers who uses volume licence agreements also is forced by microsoft to use it.

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Well then according to M$ Legal

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Legal Copies

You need to do a OPK Install of all of the M$ Software for this Initial Install and then you can use one of the cloning Utilities like Ghost, Acronis True Image or one of the other Acronis products or Clonezilla or any other Cloning Utility that the Business owns.

Directions are available for this here

the OPK Install is available here though you'll have to register at M$ to get it.

Edited to add

Ghost a Symantec product is available from here

Acronis Snap Deploy is available from here

Though you may want a different product like the Backup & Recover Workstation product here

They do have a large range of Cloning Utilities though so it may pay you to look through their Product rang to find something suitable for your needs.

Clonezilla is a Open Source Product available here just make sure that you don't click on the Add as I'm not sure where that takes you.

I have used all of the above and they all work very well provided that you use them according to what they where designed to do.

There are however a large range of Cloning Utilities none of which I have used here and I can not vouch for how well that may or may not work

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