How can I transfer desktop shortcuts to a new computer?

By legume ·
Anybody know how I can transfer desktop shortcuts to a new computer? Inexperienced user so just don't how or if it can be done.

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by Apoorv182 In reply to How can I transfer deskto ...

1. If you want to create desktop short of My Documents, My Computer & My Network Places then:
a. Left click from the mouse and select properties option.
b. Now inside the display properties box, go inside the Desktop tab.
c. Then select Customize Desktop button.
d. After this a Desktop Items box will appear. Inside the General tab of this box put the ticks on My Documents, My Computer & My Network Places.
2. In many softwares during the installation there will be an option for creating a desktop shortcut or a quick lunch so the user has to just make sure that the tick mark is there beside these options (desktop shortcut or a quick lunch). If we want to create any desktop icon after installing any software then follow these instructions: Click Start > All Programs > go to any program which we want to create its desktop icon. Then right click from the mouse button. After this go to the Send To option. Now inside this Send To option you will find some more options like: Compressed Folder, Desktop (Create Short Cut), Mail Recipient etc. So go to the Desktop (Create Short Cut) option and select it by left clicking from your mouse & click the OK button to close this box.

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